Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


12. 12

“I want a job in the kitchen along with Alan here. Lee passed him twenty quid. Once we are in there. I can organise what gear comes in and what goes out.

“I can sort that. “ What else?

“When I get everything in place I need you to get all of your squad together because we have to isolate Harris from Jones. “ Remember we a stronger together.”

“You have an old head on young shoulder’s.” my men will be at your disposal.”

“Good that is all for now; watch your back because if either of them gets wind of this then they will have the element of surprise.”

Carlyle got up then was gone; Alan sat next to Lee and asked him what he thought. Noble you will keep and eye on Carlyle and if he makes any moves to talk with Harris or Jones I want to know about it.

The watched an episode of George and Mildred Roper (Brian Murphy) and (Yootha Joyce) then the Sweeney came on with John Thaw as (Jack Regan) and Dennis Waterman as (George Carter) when it was finished everyone had to go back to their cells.

Lee slipped to the toilet before he went to his cell. They were banging the cell doors as he came out. He raced along and got inside just before the doors slammed shut.

“Christ Lee; are you trying to get yourself on report.”

“I had to go for a shit.”

“Too much information mate.

“You better get to sleep you have kata’s to do in the morning.

“Good night.”


The next morning after they had finished their exercises they went down to breakfast; Carlyle had another note dropped via the cook serving the food.

They read the note when they got back to the table telling him that they both would be allocated jobs within the kitchen today.

They ate their breakfast then went back to their cells to get ready for work.

Once ready they waited until the screws asked them to come down stairs and line up.

The screw allocated cleaning duties and they waited expecting to be called to the kitchen but it never came.

“That F###ing bastard said Alan we’ve been screwed by Carlyle.

They spent four hours scrubbing flours on their knees; whilst other cons were constantly walking over the wet floor with muddy boots.

This they did for a week. The second week they were on shit detail where they went around the whole nick’ shovelling crap that had be thrown out of the windows by the cons’ the night before.

The third week they cleaned the toilets with a toothbrush under the rims and scrubbed and mopped the floors. Again prisoners were in and out so the floor had to be mopped again.

“Alan said he would cut Carlyle’s nuts off himself for putting them through this.

“Don’t get mad; get even said Lee.”



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