Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


1. 1

The security guards escorted seventeen year old Lee Bradley into the courtroom; they stood either side of him as Judge John H, Perkins walked into the court.

Everyone stood until the judge sat down.

“The Jury has found you guilty of Grievous bodily harm with intent. You have shown no remorse for your crime; so I will bring down the severest sentence that the law allows.” Lee Edward Bradley, I hereby sentence you to serve at least three years of a five year sentence in her majesty’s prison. If it were not for your age I would be passing a much longer sentence. People need to be safe on the streets; you are a thug; we deal with people like you by taking away freedom. You will not get your own way inside. “Take him down.”

Lee smirked as he was led down the steps and into a holding cell until an officer came and cuffed him. The handcuffs bit into his wrists but his face showed nothing as he looked straight ahead as if the officer didn’t exist. Lee Bradley had been in and out of approved school since he was adopted for petty crime. Hardened and street wise Lee was afraid of no-one his fighting prowess was admired by his so called friends who feared him. They did his bidding or would face his wrath. He ruled his patch with an iron rod. Lee was a big lad at six feet four and weighed fifteen stones. His body was very muscular with years of judo; he was the youngest black belt in the country and he could have represented England in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal; if he hadn’t been serving six months in Medomsley an approved school at the time. Lee had beaten Brad Farrow from Canada and Kazuhiro Ninomire from Japan in a multi- nation’s tournament the year before but was beaten by Sergei Novikov from Russia in a close final.

The selectors took Keith Remfry in his place who took the bronze medal.

Lee was very annoyed because he knew he could have done better but he had got into trouble stealing a car with his mates. They drove around in it until it ran out of petrol they then set the car on fire to hide evidence.


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