Devil May Cry: Rise of Dawn

Two millenniums ago, there was a war. Between the human world and the other... the Underworld. But somebody from the Underworld woke up to justice, and stood up against this legion, alone. His name was Sparda. Later, he quietly reigned the human world, and continued to preserve harmony, until his death. He became a legend, The Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda.
Before his death, he resurfaced in the modern day and married Eva, who gave birth to his twin sons, Dante and Vergil. Original Owner : Fallen Rai


1. Sparda

During the birth of two twins Dante and Vergil.....sons of Sparda and Eva. Another great child was born..her name was Jade daughter of Ceila and John. Ceila was another great demon just like Sparda. She was a friend of Sparda. Sparda after he took his journey and decided to go to the human world and close the nether portal that was connected to the netherworld though he knew his powers were too strong so he sealed it in the netherworld as he sealed the netherworld. Ceila decided to come along as well but she crossed the portal at the same time as Sparda. Though Sparda did not once noticed she came with him. As they spent their years at the human world Sparda was busy bringing harmony in the human world ..he also fell in love with a human named Eva. Ceila spent her years like Sparda but she brung justice for those humans and took care of the unjustice she too fell in love with a human named John. After the death of Sparda the ruler of the human world and netherworld Eva had died as well. Two days after their death Ceila died and the nether portal was opened which brung destrcution once again. Though Vergil went back to the netherworld and Dante took his father's place by bringing peace to protect the humans. Long before all of this started happening Jade had became childhood friends with Dante and Vergil though Sparda and Ceila did not know this but Eva and John did. The story of Sparda lives as a legend in the human world and known very well in the netherworld. Demons had wanted to kill Dante for his soul and his powerful powers. Not only did the demons want the power but to also rule the human world. As a child Dante's name was covered and called Tony Redgrave and Vergil's cover name was Nelo Angelo. Their parents used it as a coverage of their real names from the demons but the demons had found out their real name after the death of Sparda. Dante made his own demon hunting business called Devil May Cry. During his first few days of his job he partnered up with Trish known as Gloria. Over their first few calls even though the agency was not opened for business yet Dante was rejecting the jobs the caller would ask but Trish would say "They should pay us for these jobs." Dante soon started asking for his payments for the jobs he's done with Trish. Soon enough Dante had told Trish that they should go their own seperate ways so Trish agreed to it. Dante became broke as always and Trish made money. Dante soon ran into a demon killer her name was Mary known as Lady. After time flew by Dante owed Lady a big amount of money. That is all I knew from my days in the human world...


 โ€ขLimbo Cityโ€ข

On my way to go do a mission I ran into Lucia. We both have the same techniques for daggers. Even though I use a long sword, two guns, and two daggers I managed to learn many techniques like swordsmanship, street brawler, kung fu, boxing, Hybrid martial arts, and more.

"Hey." Smiled Lucia.

"Sup.." I replied.

"You know where's Dante?"

"Dante? Oh you mean him..." I smirked.

"So you do know him? Anyways you know where he is?"

"I haven't seen him for sixteen years..I don't know where he's at." I started to walk away.

"Thanks anyways Jade." She said leaving.

"No problem.." Along my way to the church tower I ran into the church pastor who was an young twenty four year old man.

"Ah what brings you by beautiful young girl." He asked.

"Not much I heard a very nasty rumor that there was a man taking pregnant women and murder both the baby and the mother.."

"My that's terrible!" He gasped.

"Indeed, a very atrocious act....mind telling me where's the bathroom?"

"Over inside the church." He said as he pointed. I started heading to the church pretending to go to the bathroom when really I was following the scent of blood of the bodies that the demon had killed. I stopped in front of the door and sighed. I got prepared to fight because he followed me going right behind me.

"So you found out, huh? Now that you found out I can't let you live you human!" He said transforming into his real form.

"See you look better that way you bastard." I smirked.

"You dare to mock me!?!?" He said as he slashed his sword at me. Though I dogded it I ran across the room taking out my two guns and shooting his hands. I never do miss at all.  He was tall in his demon form. He tried to grab me but as he did I did a backflip as I took my sword and slashed his hand. He laughed. He slammed the ground where I was at. I jumped into the air going onto the statue inside the church.

"Haha! Your not human are you?" he questioned.

"Nice question baldy......i'm not human nor am I a demon. Let's just say i'm in between, Yea?" I laughed. He raised his sword but as he did he was cutting the ceiling. I ran to him and kicked him in the face. I saw the ceiling was collapsing.

"Well now then time to finish this game.." I shot his weak spot which ended up killing him. He disappeared right in front of me. I looked at the ceiling.

" about destruction..." I quickly ran to the door. Everything fell behind me as I slid through the door. I patted my self removing the dirt from myself. I started to leave heading towards the diner "Fred's Restaurant". Dam I'm hungry.... I saw some guy with silky white hair walk in front of me looking at me with his blue eyes. I stared back.

 โ€ขDante's viewโ€ข

She seemed very familiar. We had a little staring contest. She looked at me with her white silver eyes and silky long black hair.

"Your kind of in my way." She said.

"What happened to the church building?" I asked.

"Getting rid of a demon thats all." She smirked. She walked passed me. I ended up following her to where she was going.


โ€ขJade's Viewโ€ข

I entered the restaurant. I walked over to the counter seats and sat down. I noticed that guy followed me. He sat next to me.

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