When in...Paris? ( A Niall Horan Fanfic)

After Matt escaped from Jail, Niall flies Anna and their mates to Paris to get away from harm. But what happens when stress gets to the group and secrets of Niall’s puzzled life are revelled? Will Anna put them together and figure out what he’s been trying to hide from her. Will she accept it?


5. Chapter 5

// Niall’s POv \\


I slam the door hard, making my way into the kitchen area where the rest of the group is sitting silenced. I quickly move to the fridge and grab a beer. I look at the bottle for a moment and wonder am I going to fix this problem with alcohol? The question was sadly answered when I twisted off the bottle top and taking a big gulp.


“Mate, she’s just-“


I cut off Liam with my hand. Not in the mood to speak to anyone as I grab the rest of the 8 pack of beer and make my way into the extra room on the other side of the apartment suit. I open and shut the door slowly, noticing the emptiness of the new room. I place the packet of beer near the window overlooking Paris and made my way into the bathroom.


As I turn to the mirror I notice the red slap mark she left and sighed “Why can’t she listen” I angrily tell myself as I turn on the water to wash my face. ‘It’s her family Niall. They are all she has’ my subconscious tells me. I roll my eyes at that, grabbing the complimentary tooth brush and paste. ‘Maybe she doesn’t want to lose them like her parents’. I stop brushing my teeth at that and spat out the bubbled paste, washing my mouth out. That’s a fair point. Shedoesn’t have a lot of family so not being connected to her grandparents or brother upsets her. I’ll just give her some time and then talk about it with her.


  I examine my cheek again, she didn’t have to slap me, I  rubbed my cheek carefully as I make my way back into the room, pulling the designer chair out of the corner and positioning it in front of the window. I then sit down on the chair, picking up the already open bottle, ready to begin a night of drinking, knowing I won’t have Anna next to me.


//Anna’s Pov\\


I slowly awaken in the quiet room. My body feeling heavier than a tonne of bricks. I look to the side to see if Niall had come to bed in the middle of the night. He didn’t.


I turn over in a sign and plunk myself on the pillow again, my hair twisting in all places. I wipe my eyes, feeling the tears from the night before staining my cheek.


I feel my head pound, knowing that the cause is because a night of crying. I slowly sit up in bed, a sharp pain stinging my stomach. I roll my eyes at the thought of my late period. I slip out of bed, tugging down Niall’s shirt that I’m wearing and trug to the bathroom, ignoring my appearance, moving straight to the toilet. I notice my period hasn’t come yet, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve got bigger problems.


I slowly move out of the bathroom again and to the bedroom door opening it up to find Zayn about to knock. I stand surprise for a moment before giving him a soft ‘Hi’


“Hey” he mumbles back “Are you okay? How are you feeling?” he asks. I shake my head “I feel terrible” I answer.


“oh” he says “Would you like some breakfast? You didn’t eat dinner last night” he tells me. I nod anyway, not really feeling hungry.


“Good” he tells me “Come on then”


I follow him down the hall, into the kitchen, where the table was nicely set and breakfast was already in the plates. I clock my head to the side in suspicion.


“They set it up when they came in” he told me, sitting in his chair “Nice huh?”


I nod again, moving to sit next to him, where a plate of pancakes, sprinkled in strawberries sat.  I take the knife and fork and began to cut through the stack, having little bites.


“So Louis’ birthday is coming up yeah? Are you gonna get him something?” Zayn asks, taking a bite of his eggs. i stare in black space for a moment “Umm, Yeah, I’m still thinking about it”


He nods “You know a week and a half in Paris and I’m still not tired of it”


I smile at him and look out the window “It’s too beautiful to be tired of it”


We continue to eat, the awkwardness slowly drifting away. “When do you think we would leave?” I ask. He swallows thickly “We would at least say till after New Years…I mean that’s what the detective told us.”


I nod again “I actually miss school”


“I don’t”. I smile at him “You are good in all your subjects Zayn, I’m sure you miss it”

“Well I miss the parties” he smiles. I role my eyes at him, taking a gulp of my juice.


“Guys!” Eve intruded happily, all dressed for the day “We are so going site seeing today! It’s a must”

I smile up at her “But I’m too lazy to walk”


“Tough luck” she told me seriously before shooing me off the chair. “But I’m not finish breakfast” I whine. She rolls her eyes at me “Hurry up”


I sit happily as Louis, Audrey and Liam filled in the room, looking annoyed and tired. We sat together contently, talking about what we are going to see when we hear a loud bang.


“That would be Niall” Liam mumbles. Sure enough, in walked in Niall. Shirtless torso and blood shot eyes, half full bottle of scotch in his hands as he wobbles past us. I stare shocked, one fight and he is already using alcohol to fix it. He chucks the bottle into the sink, letting it shatter before he moves to the fridge to grab a can of beer “How’s the Brady Bunch this morning?” he slurs.


I roll my eyes. He has no control.


“You coming sight-seeing with us mate?” asked Louis slowly. Niall shakes his head as he crushes the already finished can of beer “I’m gonna hit a pub” he says.


“I don’t think that’s the best idea” I intrude. He lets out an exaggerated ‘pufft’ “Well you don’t listen to me, so why should I listen to you?” he insists, picking up his wallet from the counter and moving towards the door. I hear it slam shut and I sigh “I’m going to get ready”


Everyone nods as I move off into my room. I hastily throw off Niall’s shirt, not wanting to feel it touch my skin as I go to have a shower.


I’m not going to let his attitude ruin Paris for me.

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