You Never Know

Marty McGarry, has dreamt of winning the pools all his life his wife is forever the pessimist until one day it happens- Marty becomes the biggest ever winner in 1969. When the press find out the couple are hounded and flee to America. does money really bring happiness?


22. 22

“Thank you, I’m going to need it as I’ve booked a flight back this afternoon. By the time you explain yourself to your husband I will be miles away.”

“You asked earlier about your son; well what you never knew Pat was that I was brought up in the same orphanage as your son. His name is William Green by the way and he was my friend at “The Covers” in Willington Quay. I doubt whether or not he will ever want to meet you.”

Chris stuffed a hankie into Pat’s mouth; then he opened the draw and took all the cash that amounted to seven hundred pounds.

He went to his room and got his luggage case then returned to Pat’s room. “Well I’m off, have a nice life won’t you. I don’t think you husband will ever forgive you and you won’t get a penny of his money. I checked you see, even if you take him to court you won’t win because pools win belongs with the person who won it.”

Chris closed the door as he left Pat trying desperately to get free.


Marty steered the Porpoise into the harbour where the men were waiting to secure her again. Chris helped get all the fish on board ashore. He had already gutted them so all the chef had to do was fillet, and then cook them. They thanked the captain for the loan of the boat and then walked the short distance to the Marina restaurant.

The chef and the owner were delighted when Marty brought in all the fish. He promised a special feast which the owner said would be free including all drinks.

They took a cab back to the hotel. It was only a ten minute drive so when the taxi pulled up outside he paid him ten Escudo’s.

Claire thanked Marty for a lovely day as he went to open the door that was not locked.

He rushed inside and shouted for his wife. “Hey Pat he shouted you should have seen the fish- Marty didn’t get the rest out as he went into the bedroom and saw Pat tied to the bed naked.

Marty went straight out again and asked Claire if she could take Chris out for an hour whilst he spoke with his wife.

“Sure Marty, what’s up?

“Ill explain later okay,

Claire took Christopher back down to the poolside where they were able to get a coffee, a coke, and a piece of cake.

The key to the hand cuffs was placed on the dressing table, Marty picked it up and unlocked the handcuffs she pulled off the scarf and took the stuffed hankie that was in her mouth as Marty undid the knots that secured her ankles.

He threw her the towel that was on the floor so see could cover herself.

Pat was crying uncontrollably as Marty asked what had happened.

“Give me a moment Marty to get some clothes on and I will tell you everything.


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