School of magic

this story is about the life of students at a magical school, but in a game the whole world seems to be in danger

yes i suck at descriptions just read, and how further you are how better my writing skill get so please don't mind the horrible first chapters.

it includes relations in all sorts, straight, gay so if you don't like that then don't read it

~if you recognize the story it's because i also posted it at Wattpad~


6. chapter 6

Chapter 6

Marijne’s POV

‘’So, there is a school for supernatural creatures just fifteen minutes from here.’’ I said ‘’yes, I’m in my final year like that asshole Zayn, that’s how we met by the way, and since few days there are new students.’’ Noor replied. Wait, Niall and Liam said they were sent to a school, they are probably going to that school. ‘’Do you know anything of the new students Niall and Liam?’’ I asked. ‘’I have heard from them indeed, they are leaving tomorrow for the initiation game of the school. If you to want to join the school I suggest we do it as soon as possible cause then you can meet some new people who have went through the same things as you two. since I’m am a vampire my whole life and I didn’t got the bite and went through the transformation, that could be helpful.’’ Noor said ‘’Yes that’s a good idea’’ Job replied ‘’yes, we can do that’’ was my answer.


When we arrived at the enormous school or castle or whatever you want to call it, we went to the office where Noor had a conversation with the headmaster. When Noor came out of the office she told us that we are signed in to the school and that I had dorm 702 and Job got 704 so at least we live at the same floor. When we walked towards our dorms there were so many people, wait aren’t that Liam and Niall talking with some other boy? ‘’Marijne, come on.’’ Job called ‘’Yea, sorry.’’ ‘’This castle is like a maze.’’ I said trying to remember the route ‘’You will get used to it after a few days, don’t worry.’’ Noor replied. Then we arrived at our dorms. ‘’I will pick you two up in an hour for dinner, there I will explain the whole initiation game, bye.’’ Noor said ‘’bye.’’ me and Job replied and walked in our dorms. I noticed there was already someone in the dorm. ‘’Hey, must be my new roomie, I’m Lynn.’’ The person.... Lynn said. ‘’Hi I’m Marijne.’’ I replied. ‘’why did you came to here?’’ Lynn asked being all curious. ‘’well, Noor , who you know probably, bit me and my brother since she was thrown in our hotel room and stood up in amazing speed, so obviously we were shocked. That was when she told us that she was a vampire and now I am here.’’ I replied. ‘’but I’m half vampire and half witch.’’ I added. ‘’wow, cool. Can you already cast some spells?’’ she asked. ‘’no, but I’m willing to practice as soon as possible.’’ I replied ‘’after you unpacked your things and we had dinner we can go towards the arena where we can practice?’’ Lynn suggested. ‘’yea, good idea’’


After we had dinner Lynn and I went to the arena. ‘’do you know what kind of magic you have?’’ Lynn asked ‘’no, I didn’t even know there we multiple kinds of magic.’’ ‘’well there are many, the most common ones are elemental, like air and water bending, dark magic like necromancers, and white magic like healing. But I think you don’t have one of those, if I have to bet I think you have a season related power. try to focus on your power on the inside, then we will found out.’’ Lynn said. And that is what I did, and slowly I started to feel a sort of energy flowing through my body and when I open my eyes all the sand on the floor of the arena is covered with all kinds of flowers and tree’s. ‘’Wow’’ was all I could say. ‘’indeed, wow, that’s defiantly spring power and not just a little bit of it.’’ ‘’but Noor said that we can move water, and what kind of power does Job have?’’ I asked ‘’well Noor underestimated you two and Job probably has ice power since he is your brother is he probably has the opposite power.’’ then there came another person in the arena. ‘’Hey, Salomé’’ Lynn said. ‘’Hi, how are you two, I’m Salomé by the way.’’ Salomé greeted. ‘’Hi, I’m Marijne’’ ‘’I see you are practicing your powers?’’ Salomé asked. ‘’yes. Indeed I am, you are also a witch, aren’t you?’’I asked ‘’yes, but I’m not so strong as you are. And it’s just water magic so not really special.’’ Salomé replied. ‘’but still, can you please help me control my powers?’’ ‘’of course, I’m not sure but I can ask if I can join your team tomorrow, then we have enough time when we are on our trip.’’ ‘’yea, good idea’’


Liam’s POV


When we arrived in Dublin Niall went literally crazy. Even the ground began to shake a little since he didn’t had his powers under control and we had to calm him down before the whole airport collapses. ‘’Please Niall, stay calm, we will visit your parents, just relax before you destroy the airport.’’ I said ‘’Yea, sorry’’ he mumbled but I could hear he was still very excited. ‘’guys, we have to go, the time just started, we have one month to get back and if want to visit Nialls parents we have to go.’’ Chesko said, why can’t I stop thinking about him? ‘’You know the answer Liam.’’ Niall said ‘’shit I said that out load?’’ I asked worried ‘’yeah, but don’t worry nobody else heard it. And I do think you are cute together.’’ Niall states. ‘’uhh, thanks, I think’’ ‘’haha, don’t worry, I won’t say a thing.’’ Niall says ‘’thanks, I think I really like him and it’s so confusing. I’ve never felt like this before.’’ I say. ‘’don’t worry, if you want anyone to talk to I’m not far from you this month.’’ Niall chuckled. ‘’Guy’s, Really, hurry’’ Chesko said again. ‘’yea, sorry we’re coming’’ Niall said.


Once we were outside the airport we asked Niall which way we had to go if we wanted to go towards Mullingar. And not long after that we were on our way. The beautiful thing of Ireland is that there still is so much magic, many old mystic creatures life here. Chesko told me the whole story of the mythical world. And how it arises and there are still new creatures born every day. It’s really fascinating how the magic world is still so well hidden after all those years.


‘’Liam, Liam, why are you in such a hurry?’’ Fleur said running towards me. ‘’huh, sorry, I just trailed off.’’ I apologized. ‘’were were you thinking of?’’ Fleur asked. ‘’just, a week ago I knew nothing about the supernatural world, and now I know that I am a wizard myself. It’s strange but at the same time fascinating. And you guys are just so nice to Niall and me.’’ ‘’That is cause the most of us know the feeling, I don’t, I was a born werewolf but the rest didn’t know about it either. Take Chesko and Daphne, they know each other since middle school and they got send here together last year. They both needed three weeks to get used to the whole situation, you do it well, really.’’ Fleur says. ‘’thanks’’ ‘’you’re welcome’’  ‘’but how does Dylan combines his acting career with school, when you’re recording a movie it takes more than a weekend.’’ I asked ‘’well, that’s just a simple teleportation spell.’’ Fleur said ‘’but how? Dylan is a werewolf not a wizard.’’ ‘’he is but you know Tyler Posey right?’’ Fleur asked ‘’yes, he plays Scott McCall in Teen Wolf.’’ ‘’Well, he also goes to our school and he is a wizard you see.’’ Fleur stated ‘’O, cool, but kind of ironic too, Dylan is a werewolf and plays a human and Tyler is a wizard and plays the role of a werewolf.’’ I said chuckling. ‘’yea, but Dylan and Tyler like it so they don’t mind.’’ ‘’Fleur, you were getting Liam to slow down and now you are both gone, were are you?’’ Dylan screamed ‘’Over here, sorry, but don’t worry we’re fine.’’



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