Daisy ring

Daisy Payne is a 20 year old woman who lives in Paris, France. Her brother Liam comes back with his band mates to visit her while their off your for a few days. They bring her along with them on their next tour round the globe. She gets pulled into the famous life and falls for one of the boys. But she has a deep secret.


1. Arriving in Paris

~Liam's P.O.V.~

I flung a bag full of clothes, personal stuff and a few suvinors for my baby sister. Well she's 20 but she's still younger than me. She was my whole world. I would do anything for her. I know I sound over protective but I can't help it. I turn around and see my band mates, Niall,Harry,Louis, and Zayn standing there looking around. "Welcome to Paris, France. The city of love." I said and chuckled at their faces.

We all got into a black van and drove away from the airport. I knew my baby sister couldn't pick us up cause she was getting the rooms we were staying there for a few days. We had just gotten off of a tour, so we asked Paul if we can have a few days off. I look out the window and see we're going into the country side. We see a small house as we drive up the drive way. I quickly get out as a see a very familiar face come out of the house buckling his belt,"What the hell are you doing here! Get out before I call the police!" I yelled and he quickly ran to his truck and drove off.

I run inside and run upstairs, knowing the my sisters room was there. I slammed open the door to see her sitting on the side of her bed...beat. I cry a bit as she gets up and sees me.

~Daisy's P.O.V.~

I get up and turn around to see my brother, Liam crying. I walk over to him and give him a hug,"Shhhhhh, Liaboo. It's okay. It's not your fault." I said and wiped away his tears. I kissed his nose and he smiled happily,"Come on. I'll help you get into your room." I said and walked past him and down stairs.

I walk outside and see 4 more other boys getting out of the car. I look behind me an see Liam standing there smiling happily,"Guys, this is my baby sister Daisy Payne. Daisy these are my band mates." He said and walked over to them.

"Hello, I'm Niall."

"I'm Louis."

"Hello beautiful. I'm Zayn."


The boys said their names and I smiled. I waved a bit to each of them but the last one, Harry, there was something about him. Something that I just wanted to go up and hug him. I shook my head and smiled. I started to help them with their bags and Ito their rooms. I only had 2 rooms to spare so one would have to sleep with me,"Liam is taking someone with him to his room and that leave three. Who's taking the other room and who is staying with me?"

Liam took Zayn with him and Niall and Louis walked to their room. I looked over and smiled,"I guess I'm with you, Daisy." Harry said looking at me with his beautiful green eyes.

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