All of these things

Boyfriends,Ex's, jealously,back stabbing bitches and Enemies
What did i do to deserve all of those? I'm Dora and i hate my life, well sometimes.


1. a good day

I bite my teeth as i watched my so called boyfriend mess with my enemy. they were teasing each others like kids who liked each others. no they weren't making out or anything but it still looked that they were more than JUST friends. BITCH. get the hell off my guy. why the hell are you standing between Josh's legs. what the hell. too close. too fucking close. "Dora!" my friend Ellie snapped. i turned my head to look at her. "i have called your name like ten times! where are you." she said. "sorry i was just deep in my thoughts. she opened her mouth to say something and just then Kelly screamed as she giggled. "JOSH Stoop." her annoying voice cried. i bite my teeth and snapped my head to see as he tickled her. "so what where you saying." i said turning back to Ellie and Annie they noticed my pissed look as i tried hard to fake smile but my smile wasn't even close to smile it was pissed smile like i was smelling something horrible and i tried to force kind smile. Ellie breathed calmly and took two steps and took Kelly of Josh. "so Kelly guess what..." she started to talk to her like nothing was wrong. i moved closer to Josh who walked away and of course to Kelly. "i can't fucking take this." i muttered as i walked outside. i saw my friend Sienna smoking. "hey Enna. can you give me a cigarette." i groaned. "sure. whats up?" she said giving me a one and a i lighted it up. "just pissed as fuck." i groaned."it reads all over your face." she said. "I bet it does." i said. "Kelly can't fucking keep her hands of Josh and its been like that five days." i said. "shit. i hate that bitch." she said. Sienna was only one who hated Kelly everyone else though she was the best. after we had smoked we headed back to inside the school Sienna had Math and  i had history so we walked to different directions. i heard giggling and kissing voice. my heart ached as i saw Kelly kissing Josh. they didn't see me they were at the corner. i kept my mouth shut and walked away even that i wanted to rip both of them apart and kill them i took photo of them and walked to classroom. soon everyone arrived including Kelly and Josh. he sat next to me and the class started as the teacher left the  room for a while Josh snapped. "did you smoke?" he hated when i smoked. i had quit smoking when we started dating. i didn't say anything. "YOU HAVE BEEN SMOKING!" He raised his voice as everyone turned to look at me and Kelly was holding a smile. Josh stood up. no don't you dare to make a scene of this. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed to him as everyone was staring. "what the hell Dora? are you okay?" he asked innocently. "you cheating peace of shit." i groaned. his face turned pale. i heard as everyone gasped. "what?" he asked. "what? you think i am a fucking stupid and blind?! how long  have you been cheating me! I'm  so fucking disgusted!" i said. "I'm not cheating you." he said. "how dare you lie on my face!" i yelled and took my phone showing him the picture. he didn't say anything. "how long!" i yelled. everyone was shocked as they glared Kelly who was standing embarrassed. "two weeks." she said proudly. "you think this is funny? you do! i bet you enjoyed to kiss my boyfriend behind my back. the only reason why i am angry is that you have kissed me with the same lips as you have kissed that dirty whore gosh i wish  i haven't got any disease. you back stabbing whore." i screamed. she smirked to me. "oh lets look if you are smiling after this!" i yelled jumping to her like a lion as i punched her with all the force i got and kicked her on the stomach. and lets just say i bet it hurt since my older brother had reached me how to kick box. "you are welcome slut bag Josh is all yours." i  said as i took my bag and stormed out as the whole class including the teacher were staring with wide eyes. i run to home i was angry and running helped me to calm down. i felled on my bed as i was breathing hard my body covering with sweat from the running few miles to home.

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