The Parts of Me [4] [Daily poem #51]

The fifty-first daily poem - republished for entry to the poetry competition ©Parsavagely 2015


1. No. 51

The Parts of Me [4]

Running, running,
Away from my life,
I throw away my old soul,
Rip out my underused heart,
Tear away my quivering hands,
Untwist my messed up mind,
And find, in front of me,



Look up

And see

An eternity of hope,
For this clean slate,
An infinity of prospect,
So many places to discover,
So many things to achieve,
And behind me,
The dark almost obscures,
The parts of me I don't want,
So nearly gone now,
But still within reach,
Should I ever wish to return,
To the comfort of what I know,
But I know,
That is not what I want,
So I keep,
Running, running,

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