A New Beginning...Highschool

Becky just started high school and she has a roller coaster of a life but these hills are about to get a little steeper.


3. The Party

Once I finally got home I ran up to my bedroom I heard banging next to my room. I really didn't want to go in there because that is my brothers room. I'm not getting a reply from Logan and now I'm terrified.

I yell "hey if login is in there I will kill you Sam"

I finally got up to the room door and yelled his name and knocked, no answer so I walked in.

"Omg... Get some clothes on lets go Logan I need your help deciding what to wear the party tonight." I slammed the door shut.

I sat in my room for about fifteen minutes while the noise never stopped. Then all of a sudden there was a know on the door. So I just thought it was Lisa but when I went down stairs Lisa's car wasn't there. I opened the door and...

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