Third Wheel

Being a third wheel is fun.


1. This is him?

"This is him?!" I exclaim as she introduces me to a brown haired boy with a funny smile. I honestly couldn't help but laugh. I don't get what she finds in him. "Shut up dumbass," he says to me, glaring. I keep laughing to annoy him, and as I see now, annoy her. "Dude, Cmon," she says frowning as we walk back to class. I could see her cheeks were more pink than usual and she was hugging her books instead of carrying them beside her like always. "We still have 40 minu-" I start but then I turn around and see Ben following behind her.

~ 10 minutes before ~

"Hey, Sabrina," I say, smiling. "What," she says plainly. "Wanna go to the canteen? I heard there's this new guy called Ben, hey, isn't that your crush's name," I tease. "S-Shut up! I'm still mad at him! Well... Fine, I'm coming with you, only cause I want some of your food," her cheeks turn pink. As we walk to the canteen, I ask to learn more about her crush, you know, out of curiosity. "He had brown hair," she adds, and blabbers on about him.

"We're here," she says. I tell her to wait for me while I go up and order food. Pasta. Wait... maybe I should spend my money on those candy coke bottles? Okie.

When I go back to the place she was waiting, I nearly dropped my coke bottles. But I didn't cause it was the only food I had and it cost me a dollar. "Oh, hey Pia. This is Ben. My... uh... old friend," she says frowning as she tries to hide her pink cheeks. He's everything she described. Sabrina is really descriptive.

~ back to the present ~

"Sabrina, your friend is back," I whisper in her ear and run away, hiding behind a room. Luckily, the room had a window to where Sabrina and Ben were so I (obviously) peeked a bit...

Most of it was just talk and Sabrina being mad at him. Booorrrriiiiinnnngggg. If this ship is going to work, it'll need some help. From muah. Cause I'm amazing. And the shipping lord. What really surprises me is when Ben kissed her on the cheek. Sabrina acted mad and she yelled at him. They kept yelling at each other but Sabrina's cheeks couldn't help but be pink the whole time.

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