His Guitar L.P.

"He's just a boy on the street with no shoes on his feet, but man is he good at playing guitar."


1. Prologue





     The only thing written on his guitar is Dirt, so that's what everyone calls him. No one knows his story, but it's obvious he has one to tell.


 The boy looks to be about 19, though his dull eyes and sunken cheeks suggest otherwise.


 He's the type of kid that talks as little as possible, the strumming of his six string the only thing giving him a chance at making friends. Still, he doesn't have any.


  Dirt looks forward to long winters. Anyone could guess that by taking a look at his sweaty, pink face during the summer.


 His ripped clothes and bare feet are the main clues that the young man is homeless.


 One thing to notice about Dirt is that, not once since he started playing his guitar, has he put down a hat to collect money. It's a thought that he doesn't do it for the cash. Nonetheless, people find a way to gibe it to him. It's almost impossible not to considering how well he plays; the money pretty much jumps out of your pocket.


   Some people shout, "You should sing Dirt!" as they pass by, but all they get in response is a polite smile and a shake of the head. 


    Dirt doesn't sing. Not yet at least. 


  © BrydonXx

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