Percy Jackson PT.1


6. Discovery?

Sage took me to the bathroom to clean up the cut and then he said, sorry dude I got to run but i was really surprised because I just remembered he had crutches and he was running really fast I quickly looked down and where his legs used to be, but they weren't legs they were furry goat's legs? With hooves?!! I said nothing I quickly finished dealing with the cut and quickly ran back to cabin nine which I later learned was Hermes's cabin.

Somewhere off in the distance i heard a conch shell blow which must have meant dinner. Our cabin lined up in an orderly fashion and we head to the dining pavilion? At least that's what it looked like as we sat down, there were cups on the table and the kid next to me said "say anything you want it will happen" I (very confused) said cherry coke. Then the cup filled itself up with cherry coke. We got up to get our food ( it was like a buffet, a heaven if you ask me) as I sat down I noticed that campers stood up and scraped part of their food into a brazier. I stood up and scraped my pest part of the steak into the brazier when I all of a sudden noticed everybody was staring at me.. Wait not at me, above me.

I could see a bluish/silver like color coming from above my head and I suddenly realized what had happened, I had been claimed.

The guy who looks like he's in his 20's or 30's came up but this time he was different, he was a horse, well not exactly but from the waist down, he was a white stallion. He said, ALL HAIL, SON OF POSEIDON AND ARTEMIS?

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