My kidnappers are 5sos?

It's like the book stolen by Lucy Christopher but Vicky the main character go with her best friend to the airport and gets kidnapped!


2. meeting the boys

Hi my name is Vicky and basically this story is about 4 boys named Luke, Ashton, Calum,and Michael and how this girl called Vicky (lol) gets kidnapped at a airport while she goes to New York with her sister Eden. This book my seem like the actual book Stolen by Lucy Christopher. And I'm so sorry for grammar and spelling so forgive me if u notice any. Not real obviously.

'Hey Eden I'm gonna go to Starbucks for a drink, want something.' I said.

'Nah it's okay just be careful and use your phone if you need anything alright.'

'Wait do you even have your phone?' Eden asked.

'Yup' I said tapping the back pocket of my skinny jeans checking for my wallet and phone. Holy ducking cows why are there so many people at Starbucks I thought in my head, but I just shrugged it off. I entered the shop smelling the familiar smell of baked goodies and coffee. I frowned to myself looking at the line. While waiting in line a girl shoved me and just went in front of me in the line.

'Um excuse me Miss I think I can bud everyone without being confronted. You just shoved me and budded me so go to the end of the line' I said with a sassy tone.

'Well bitch I can do whatever I want here and in this world because all of you are losers. Like look at what your wearing, it's not 1950's girl. So just shut up and deal with it.' She said turning around. I then noticed her caked face, booty shorts, and 7inch heels and pink crop top that stopped just under her bra. I looked down and my Green Day muscle tee shirt, black Vans and black skinny jeans and compared my clothes to hers and realized that there was no point in saying anything back and just rolled my eyes.

'Whatever slut.' Muttering under my breathe so no one could hear me.

Finally when it was my turn to order, I got a iced coffee for me and black coffee for my sis even thought she didn't want it. They told me to wait a few minutes and get a seat first.

I started to head to a table for 5 people and sat down and went on Twitter waiting for my order. When I looked up I realized the whole place was packed and I realized 4 people walking towards me and I looked back down to my phone because I really didn't care. It was just awkward silence until one of them clears there throats I looked up and I saw 4 Australian guys ( A/N now I'm not going to explain how they look cause you know already).

"Hi may names Luke they are Calum, Michael and Ashton." Said Luke

"Hi my names Vicky" I said giving them a smile.

We talked and they asked questions and I answered until Michael was like.....

"Is this 20 questions?"

"No shoes Sherlock" I said rolling my eyes.

We started talking again until my order was called and I took my leave but Ashton said he would get it and I told him I wanted 1 bag of sugar (A/N I know it doesn't make sense but go along with it)

He came back as soon as he could and I looked at my phone and their was 1 hour till my flight so I decide I should leave.

"Uh guys I need to go. See ya around bye"I said

They said BYE in unison and I waved and walked out of the shop.

When I got to where we were sitting Eden said she went to get some food and I said okay and went to sleep since I was feeling a bit drowsy.

Soooo how was that for a first chapter. Let me know and thanks for reading.

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