Faded Colors

A girl is on the erg of dying, ready to see the world. She meets the love of her life. But that love holds her fate. In a matter of days the love must fight and decide, if she lives, or if he lives.


1. Finding Out

Every thing seems like its in slow motion. My mom crying outside of the room. The doctor patting her back. Its all so slow. Its not normal speed anymore. The door creaks open to the room i am sitting in. What room is it? What kind of room is it is the real question. I remember now. Its a hospital room. Am i sick? I'm in a robe, but i don't feel sick. The doctors mouth moves, but i hear no words. Wait, i hear them. Their coming back. What is she saying? Its so faint. "Hello. Gracie! Answer me Gracie. Can you hear me?" "What?" i ask suddenly. She looks at me. "I-is anything wrong with me?" i ask softly. Her eyes turn wet. She looks away. Why is she looking away. I can't hold it in anymore. "Why wont you look at me?" I ask loud. I stop dead in my tracks. I shouldn't have said that. "Gracie. You have a brain tumor." What. How could this be? I have a brain tumor? I don't feel different. "I-is it fatal?" i ask. I already knew the answer. But i just had to ask it. "I'm sorry Gracie, you have 3 months left tops." I can hear my heart. Its beating fast. My hand goes over my mouth. I gasp for air. I can't hold it in. I need to cry! Tears roll down my rosy cheeks and past my freckles. "Oh my god." i murmur. The doctor walks out of the room. I see her telling my mom to go in. I jump off the bed. The paper makes a crack noise. "Mom! I'm scared!" i yelled. I can't help it. I need to cry! I go to the safety of my moms arms, wrapped around my body. "Shh. It's okay Gracie." she strokes my hair. "Mom. I'm going to die. I don't want to die! I'm only 14." i weep so hard. "Gracie, just live life. God wont take you yet." The doctor re-enters. "Hello Mrs.Myers. Hi Gracie. I'm sorry to say there is no way to help you. You are going to die in a matter of months." I let out the loudest squeel and then started to cry. "Mommy no!" "I guess we better go Mrs. Pepperman." says my mom. "Lets go Gracie." My mom is awfully sad. My mom was supposed to be barren. She wasn't able to have children is what the doctors said. It was a miracle that i came to be. Her only possible child is going to die. First dad walked out on us, now i'm leaving mom. We buckle our seat belts. "Mom, why aren't you starting the car?" i ask. "Gracie. I want all of your dreams to come true." "What do you mean?" "I am willing to give you all of my life savings for retirement, so you can travel the world like you have always wanted." My face is blank. Speechless. "Its been a very,very long day. Go up to your room and get some sleep." "Okay mom.You should go to bed too." "Sweet dreams my little pumpkin." "Night mom. I love you." "I love you too." 

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