Getting to Know Mr. Styles

Once Luke Hemmings's older sister falls for Harry Styles, what other tensions will be added?


1. Oh my gosh, you're Harry Styles




Charlie POV

I was in my small blue room in  Sydney, Australia, waiting for best friends to come, Annabelle and Sadie.They are almost as punk rock as me. I put on black jeans with a One Direction t-shirt and a red tank-top with converse and bright red lipstick. One Direction is my favorite band, despite what the people I hang around all the time say. Well, who can blame them, they are 5 seconds of summer. My little brother, Luke Hemmings, was judging me when I walked out of my room for not wearing a 5sos shirt, the band he is the lead singer in. I heard the doorbell ring and quickly put my blonde, curly  hair in a messy bun as I ran down the cramped stairs. Annabelle and Sadie were standing in the doorway giggling, due to our realization that we were all practically wearing the same thing. We were going to a One Direction concert. I drove Luke to the concert since mom grounded him for the whole lip piercing thing for life, and the boys were not allowed to take him. So it was my job to babysit him since 5sos was opening for them. When we got there and Luke introduced us to One Direction they all smiled at us and said hello. I personally fancied Harry Styles because he was always the chirpiest, cutest, funniest, most handsome member of One Direction, he just always so out of reach. I can’t believe Luke did this for me.

He gave me a smile and said,” So you must be Charlotte Hemmings, Luke has told me a lot about you.”

I smiled and said, ”Call me Charlie.” Harry looked so perfect standing there. I couldn’t believe that I was standing beside Harry Styles and was talking to him. I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t tell which I was more of. I started talking to him more and we kept talking about the things we enjoyed until it was time for 5sos to perform. I didn’t want to end talking to him we actually had a lot in common, I thought we would be so different. When we said  goodbye I wanted to run back and say thanks for all the things he has done because Harry Styles accepted me no else did but 5sos, Annabelle, and Sadie. I panicked and ended up not returning. We went to the front row and 5sos started performing my favorite song of all their songs, American Idiot, I’m not really the type of girl that screams until my lungs fall out, but this concert I did. When the concert was done Annabelle and Sadie left when their moms came to pick them up. I was sad but happy that I was alone with the boys. Both of the bands plus one went to McDonald’s for dinner. We got home late that night because Ashton started squirting ketchup everywhere and then we all joined in.The squatty manager came out of his stuffed room eating a 3lb burger and told us to clean all up. After that we went to a party at the beach. All night long Harry and I were talking, as the other boys were trying to get dates. Luke was keeping an eye on us as we talked. When Harry tried to make a move on me, Luke would come and punch him in the face. He got punched bout 20 times. Harry was extremely flirtatious and always remained a player; I never dated a player or really anyone at all. Harry is only 2 years older than me. Will that change anything? By the end of the party Harry had a black eye and Michael had a new hair color, blue. When we got home Luke finally looked away and Harry snuck a quick kiss on the cheek. All night I was thinking about it, even when my mom was yelling at us for being late. I thought about the guy with the brown hair and the green eyes. I touched my cheek and remembered when Harry quickly kissed me on the cheek and then I quickly fell asleep humming night changes because my phone was ringing,my favorite song of One Direction, Kiss You, it was Harry.

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