His Mom, My Mom

My mom had a friend since high school. They talk all the time over the phone and text each other. When my mom decided to finally visit her friend in England, I finally realized who it is. Harry Styles' mom.


20. Breakfast

Emily's P.O.V.

I woke up next morning next to Harry.

I let my hand stroke his cheeks and pull his long hair back.

I saw a smile grow on Harry's lips, and soon two beautiful green eyes were starring into mine.

"Morning beautiful," Harry smiled.

"Morning," I smiled back.

He took my hand in his and kissed it, then wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, snuggling his face in my neck.

I deeply sighed and closed my eyes.

"I wanna wake up every morning next to you. See your beautiful face, smile. See the way your eyes always light up,"

Harry said into my ear.

I made circles on his hand with my finger.

Harry gently kissed my neck.

I lifted his face and kissed his lips.

I pulled away to see a huge smile on his face.

"So what would you like to do today love?," he asked, after a couple of minutes.

"Um I don't know. Perhaps go for a walk around Los Angeles?," I asked.

"Sounds nice, and it's a perfect weather for a stroll," Harry smiled.

I nodded.

He starred at me for two more minutes, then got up.

"So, what would you like for breakfast?," he asked.

"Toast, jam, eggs," I smiled.

"Yes ma'am. Be ready in about half an hour," he winked, then disappeared downstairs.

I giggled and got out of bed, and went to take a quick shower. I walked out to see Harry sitting on the bed looking at me.

"Aren't you suppose to be making breakfast Mr. Styles?," I asked, taking my shorts and tank-top from my suitcase.

"Yes. But the thing is, my fridge is empty, so I was thinking maybe we'll eat breakfast in town?," he asked.

"Sounds wonderful," I smiled.

"Well then, I must get dressed," he winked and walked out.

I changed into my clothes and grabbed my purse, putting my make-up on.

Harry walked into the bathroom as I was applying mascara, and he wrapped his arms around my waist from the back, and kissed my neck.

"Harry, I'm trying to do something here," I said, trying not to moan.

"Mhmm," he said, pulling my tank-top strap down, kissing my shoulder.

"Harry," I groaned, as I got mascara on my upper eye lid.

Harry met my eyes in the mirror, and he saw my make-up mistake. He tried to look as innocent as possible.

"Out Mr.," I said, pointing to the door.

He stuck his bottom lip out.

"Go wait for me on the bed," I said.

"Fine," he said disappointed.

I rolled my eyes and finished putting make-up on.

I walked out to find him scrolling through my phone.

"Gimme," I said, trying to take it away from him.

"No!," he playfully said and laid down on his back, hiding my phone under his back.

I crawled on top of him so I was straddling him.

"Give it back Harry," I said.

"Not until you kiss me," he smirked.

"Fine," I said and put my lips on his.

He smiled on my lips and quickly rolled us over, getting on top.

"Harry," I said, in between breaths.

"Mmm?," he said, kissing my jawline and down to my neck.

"We were suppose to get breakfast," I answered.

"Who needs breakfast?," he said, against my neck.

"Ugh, c'mon Harry. I'm hungry," I pouted.

Harry nibbled on my skin, making me gasp and moan.

His hand trailed all the way down my body and back up.

My phone rang.

"Haz," I said, pushing him off a little.

He grabbed both of my hands and put them over my head.

"Harry please let me go," I said.

He frowned.

"Please Haz?," I asked.

He let go of my hands and I reached over for my phone.

"Mom texted me," I told Harry.

"What'd she say?"

" 'Dad's on his way to California. Watch out. He's mad as ever.' ," I read aloud.

"Fuck," Harry said under his breath, and got off of me.

"Oh well. Nobody knows where your house is," I said.

"But if we leave this house, he might find us," Harry said.

"So? You said you'll fight for me right?," I said.

"Yes. And that's what I will do, if we run into him," Harry said.

"So can we go now?," I said.

"Yes love," Harry chuckled, getting up and helping me up.

"Finally Styles," I giggled.

"Heyyyy," he said, wrapping his arms around my waist looking lovingly into my eyes.

"C'mon curly," I said, taking his hand, my purse and phone, walking downstairs.

Harry helped me into his Mercedes car, and we went off to the big city.

"California knows how to party...," I started singing, and dancing in my chair.

Harry slid his sunglasses off a bit, looking amused.

I giggled and blushed, and turned on the radio.

" 'The Story of My Life, I take her home. I drive all night to keep her warm and time, is frooooooooozen' ," I sang.

Harry chuckled and rolled all the windows down. My hair went flying everywhere.

We pulled up to a small restaurant and Harry got out and came over to help me out.

"This is a small place where I like to eat," he said opening the door for me.

I smiled and walked in.

"Oh look who it is!!," the guy behind the counter said.

"Hey John!," Harry smiled at him.

"How are you man?," John asked as they shook hands.

"Good, good, thank you. How have you been?"

"Very good too. Who's this lovely lady?," he asked.

"My girlfriend Emily. Emily, this is John, John this is Emily," Harry introduced us.

I smiled and shook hands with him.

"So what would you guys like to order?," John asked clapping his hands together.

Me and Harry sat down by the counter. I looked at the menu.

"Um, I'll try some pancakes with maple syrup, and orange juice please," I said.

"Mhmm, and you Harry?," John asked.

"Make that two sets of pancakes and two glasses of juice," Harry said.

Harry looked over at me and winked.

"Okay, the pancakes will be ready in fifteen minutes. Let me get your drinks," John said and disappeared into the kitchen.

"So, you've been living in California for most of your life?," Harry asked, leaning back in his chair a little.

"Yes, born and raised here," I smiled.

"Nice," Harry smiled.

"Yep, I'm a Cali girl," I giggled.

"My, Cali girl," Harry whispered into my ear just as John came back with our drinks.

I blushed and took my drink, sipping it a little.

"So Emily, where are you from?," John asked.

"Here," I smiled.

"Just like me!," he said.

"Haha well yeah," I giggled.

"She's beautiful, I'm jealous a bit," John said to Harry in a loud whisper, then disappeared back into the kitchen.

Harry chuckled deeply.

"Okay now who ordered two plates of pancakes?," John asked walking out with a tray.

"Um Jonny, we did," Harry said.

"Oh right," John said and came over to us, "I forgot."

"Right," Harry said, putting his serious face on.

John laughed out loud, I couldn't help but join in. His laugh was so funny, that you just had to laugh.

"Eat up you two. I have more then two customers to wait on," John said and left.

"That man," Harry said under his breath.

I poked him in the stomach.

"What was that for?," Harry pouted.

"For being rude. John's a really nice man," I said.

"Ohhhhhhh-kay," Harry said.

"Harry he is about forty years old! For goodness sakes!," I cried. 

"Anyone at any age can have a small crush on you. You're so hot," Harry said.

I smacked his arm and he laughed.

"Eat, you silly man," I said.

"Em," Harry said, eyeing me.

I put a 'oh-am-I-in-trouble?' look on.

"Yes, yes you are missy," Harry said.

I giggled and ate my pancakes.



"So darling what do you wanna do now?," Harry asked taking my hand in his walking out the door.

"Um, take a nice walk through the park. You know the one in central LA?," I said.

"Aha, I know just the place!," Harry said opening the car door for me.

I got in and he ran around the front and got in himself.

We drove to the central of Los Angeles, and parked by one of the big buildings.

"See if we walk down that lane and left, there's a park right there," Harry said, showing me the directions.

"Okay," I said.

"Let me just find some money to pay for the parking," Harry said.

I giggled.

"What?," he said looking at me.

"You're so famous and you need to pay for parking?," I said.

"I am not famous, I hate that word. And yes I pay for parking," Harry said sternly.

"Oh okay, Mr. Styles," I said, putting my hands up in defense.

Harry pushed me against the car.

"Want to take that back Miss Emily?," he asked, cheekly.

"Um, no," I said, smirking. 

"Oh you better," he said inching closer.

"Nope," I said, popping the 'P'.

Harry smashed his lips to mine. I smiled and kissed back. I loved 'punishments' like this.

Harry pulled away a short time later and let go of me, giving me a playful slap on my arse.

He paid for the parking and we walked to the street crossing.

We took a left and went to the park, as Harry's phone rang.

"Hello Louis," Harry said.

I let go of Harry's hand for a second and start skipping.

Harry looked at me, and smiled.

"Oh okay, we'll see you there," Harry said into the phone and hung up.

"Love you up for a party tonight?," Harry asked me, taking my hand in his again.

"What party?" 

"Well, a club party," Harry said.

"Ohhhh, so clubbing in other words?," I asked.

"Well yeah," Harry chuckled.

"Yeah, sounds nice. Louis is coming?"

"Louis and Niall with Jessica," Harry smiled.

"YAYYYY. Sounds fuuunnnnn," I said.

Harry stopped in his tracks and hugged me tightly. 

"I love you so much Em. Your craziness, personality, adorableness, cuteness, beautifulness....everything about you," he said starring deeply into my eyes.

I smiled and hugged him back tightly.




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