You Said

This is a story, poem? I don't know, but if you guys think it's a poem just say it and I'll change the genre, but then again I don't know so I hope you enjoy this short writing.


1. You said...

You said that you would take me somewhere far away someday. To wherever I want to go.

You said that someday we would get married, but you never asked the question.

You said that you would never leave my side.

You said that I was your world.

You said you would be there for me when I needed you the most.

You never took me anywhere.

You left my side.

You said that I was not your world anymore.

You were never there for me, but I still love you.

That someday will never come nor it will never be. For me I'm lucky to be loved by you even if it was a short amount of time because it was worth the wait you gave me.

So I can move on.

[Someday is to Long a Wait]

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