Just Like Runaways

It's been a hard life for these two girls a couple months before Grace turns 18, Grace and her bestfriend, Rylee runaway and try and live life to the fullest.
But during that time a secret slips out which brings them closer then before.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter one

Rylee's POV

I glanced down at the park bench I stood beside

Rylee + Grace forever

was scratched onto the bench by my bestfriend and I.

I felt a warm tear escape my eye and make its way down my already rain soaked cheek. I started thinking about what happened only a month before.

What if it worked? I thought to myself I would have been alone again. With no one to turn to. I was getting tired and had enough of getting soaked by the down pour.

I made my way back to the house slowly and climbed through the window. I slipped out of my wet, muddy shoes and threw my rain soaked sweater on the chair.

I remembered something that I thought about earlier. It was a stupid idea. But it was best for us.

I made her way to the closet, passing my bed.

At the back of the closet was a little bag that I used when spending a week at the cabin. I grabbed the bag and started putting some clothes into it some for warm weather and for cold. Then I grabbed some bathroom supplies and a new sweater to put on. I made my way over to my desk and started on the note for my aunt

Dear Stacey,

I can't do this anymore, in this town, with these people. It doesn't work I need to get out

And that's what I'm doing. I'm leaving. I don't know when I'll be back but I will. For you, I love you. But I can't stay here much longer so I'm going I don't know where I'm going but I'll be safe.

I love you Stac.


Once I was done writing the note I made my way back to the bed

"I'll miss you bud" I whisperd patting the comfy bed. I slipped on my still wet shoes, grabbed the car keys and my phone then slid out the window back to the ground. I walked into the neighbours backyard and crouched down at the window and knocked.

The window opened

"Hey Rylee" Grace said yawning a little

"Wanna leave? Like right now? Just you and me? Just keep going forward. Driving. Not caring. Living. Together?" I asked while slipping through the window

"Let's do it" Grace said looking at my with her big green eyes, and her brown hair flying in every direction caused by the wind.


They were all packed and giggly they are finally doing what they talked about for so long. Both of them were full of nerves both good and bad but they were finally on their way to make things better for them


Gracie's POV

I jumped into the passenger side of Rylee's car

I was scared but excited. I had left a note for my mom and I hoped she would understand and not try to contact me.

I looked over at Rylee after putting on my seat belt

"Where to first Jo?" Rylee said starting the car up. We have nicknames I call her Lee and she calls me Jo.

"Anywhere with you Lee"

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