Love Is Confusing

Cocoa Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She has just recently graduated from high school and hasn't got a job yet. One day Cocoa gets a call from Modest! management asking to be One Direction's makeup artist. This means Cocoa will get to spend more time with her brother and his three band mates. What happens when Cocoa starts to fall for one of Louis' best mates? Will Louis approve or will everything turn to custard?
Read to find out.


5. Authors Note

Authors Note

Hey readers! It's 'Charlotte Horan' here. Sorry for the short chapter, I just didn't really know how to end this one so I left it here. I hope you all enjoy reading 'Love Is Confusing' as much as I have writing it. I know not many people read authors notes but if you are, enjoy reading the Niall Horan Fan Fiction. And I hope my fist authors not wasn't too long/bad.

- Charlotte x

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