3. 8

Sheer darkness consumed us, Charlie grabbed my arm ready to start whispering when voices filled the pitch black around us “hello, hello, we know your there, someone’s been in the library.” My stomach dropped the eerie voice floated away. The power flicked back on mine and Charlie’s eyes met. What had we done?

Panic was still rich in the air on the walk home, everyone was instructed to return home and secure all openings just in case. Walking in silence it wasn’t until we got to my door that it sunk in, they had found our library. We were the reason the lost ones knew where we were.

“What are we going to do?” I didn’t realise I had spoken the words out loud until Charlie replied. “I don’t know, I don’t know? Man we really messed up.” He sank onto the step resting his head in his hands. From between his hands a muffled “we tell no one, we can’t go back. It’s too dangerous they might be waiting.” He was so defeated almost destroyed it was our only escape. It hit me “we have to go back, Frankie’s up there, you know I can’t live without him. My mum gave me that before she passed please, please.” I started to panic at the thought of my most prized possession being lost forever. Heaving out a massive sigh he started to shake his head. “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Tomorrow when everyone’s asleep late at night we will go up one last time to grab what we need. But then never again.”  I nodded it was all I could manage. 

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