Exchange student Cameron Bohr lives under Ashton Irwin's roof for a summer. Ashton takes her in like a little sister, and sparks fly between Cam and two of the band members. Which one will she choose? And how comfortable can they get?


4. Heartache on the Big Screen

I can hear Ashton and the boys coming up the steps so I am able to tug Luke into my room and lock the door fast enough. "Hey, Cam, Luke left so you can come out," Ashton says through the door.

Nervously, I grab Luke's arm tighter. "I'm okay. I think I'll just stay in here," I say, pretending to sniff. 

"O-okay.." Ashton says.

"Dude, Luke's probably in there with her," Calum says as if it's obvious. 

I take a deep breath. "Really Calum? You think I want to even be near that jerk right now?" I lie, then turn around, burying my face in Luke's chest. "I'm sorry," I whisper.

"It's okay," he whispers back, rubbing my back gently.

"Call Luke," Michael whispers but I still manage to hear. 

I fumble around in Luke's pockets, not wanting to tell him, thinking it would take too long. Finally, I find his phone in one of his back pockets... of course. I rush to turn it to silent but it's too late. Luke's phone rings to the tone of 'social casualty'. 

I sigh and hand him his phone back. Someone jiggles the door handle. "Open u-" Ashton starts but I already open the door and shove Luke out.

"Fine. You want him? Take him," I say, upset that just because I'm living with them, they think they can snoop around my buisness. 

I close the door and hear Luke whining behind it, but I ignore it. I go to sit on my couch once again as I curl up in a ball. Tears threaten to escape but I hold them back, afraid that if I do cry I'll never be able to stop. 

"Cam," Ashton argues. "Come out."

"No," I yell. "I don't want to live here anymore." Thoughts run through my mind. What if Ashton and I never have the same relationship again? I want that relationship . . .

"Dude," I hear Luke yell at Ashton. "You really can't act like her father here. She can do what she wants. Do you really want her to never come back after she leaves? Maybe if you are decent to her, she'll at least visit." Luke has a very good point. But he's yelling at Ashton. I don't like that despite how angry I am at him.

Though it angers me, I do nothing about it. I get up and unlock the door. "Can you jerks go somewhere else?" I sass everyone, including Luke.

Luke gives me a pleading look but I shoot him down with a glare. Calum nods with his puppy eyes and walks away with the boys. Ashton waves sadly and walks across to his room. I sit on my bed, feeling horrible for treating Ashton this way. He made this whole room just for me and I'm treating him like garbage when he tries to protect me. After all, maybe he knows more about Luke than I do.

I decide to lay down for a little bit, hoping my heartache will go away. As I crawl into my bed, I hear Ashton walk past my room. A few seconds later, he walks by again. And he does it again... and again. Finally, he stops. I decide to stay awake and pretend to sleep, hoping maybe I'll hear what he is doing. Everything in the house is completely silent eventually. 

I get out of bed and walk downstairs. There is a yellow sticky note on the counter from Ms. Irwin. It explains how she left to hang out with some friends and that she'll be back later. I walk up to Ashton' s room to let him know, but when I knock he doesn't answer. 

"Ashton?It's Cameron." I say loudly so he can hear. I knock a few more times. "Ashton?" Confused, I step into his room slowly and I hear the shower on. I sigh and walk to my room.

About 20 minutes later, I return to his room. The shower is still going and steam is escaping into his room. I knock on the door quickly and when he doesn't respond, I run in. I step on a bottle of pills, causing it to crack. There are a few pills spilling from the bottle and a few scattered around Ashton, who is slouching on the floor with one last pill in his hand. 

I run up to him, and shake him, feeling tears slip from the corners of my eyes. I scream. I pry his mouth open to see if he even swallowed the pills, and my evidence: there's none in his mouth. I grab the cracked pill bottle with trembling hands, checking to see the type of medican he used, and if it would cause severe damage. 

That's when my heart dropped. This was all my fault. As I fumble with the pill bottle, I notice they're my pills. I have pain killers for when I play basketball sometimes. Tears flow out of my eyes faster and faster. Not only are they my pills, but I was the one who yelled at Ashton and made him feel worthless. I acted like I didn't apperciate his protection. I may never be able to let him know how much I appriciate it all beacuse again, it's my fault for not checking on him sooner. 

Realizing what I need to do, I grab my phone and call an ambulance. While I wait, my hands are too shaky to call his mom or any of the boys, so I curl up gently into his chest, sobbing and apolagizing. I choke on my words, but I yell them louder, hoping Ashton can hear me whether he's here or gone already. 

I let the shower continue to run, not having enough strength to stand up, and wanting to curl into Ashton one last time. As I do, I can't hear his heartbeat no matter how hard I try. 

I stay like that.... 

We stay like that...

Until red and blue lights flash in from the window.

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