Hunter's Curse

Starts in season 1, but will move along with story line.
~ Just another nightmare, the sound of my mother screaming still range through my ears. That was the year we became hunters, me and my dad. I am Emily Phill and I am a hunter...


3. Free Pie Wednesday

Lara's POV

"Hey Em- uugghh," Oh there are people here... who are these people? I canned them for a second, then looked up at Emily.

She grabbed my arm before I could turn to walk back down the hall.

"Hey why don't we go out for lunch! Today is free pie Wednesday at Baker's Square," She announced.

"Free pie! Let's go," One of the strangers blurted out. They both stood. I was so focused on how tall they were that I hadn't even noticed Emily slip away.

"Emily, I have to-" She cut me off before I had time to finish my excuse.

"You're coming."

"But I-"

"You're coming!"

"Fine," I hissed following them out.

"Alright, pile in," One of the strangers said gesturing to the black muscle car. 

"Shotgun!" Emily called out jumping at the opportunity to climb in the car

"Not cool!" The taller man complained

"Suck it up, Buttercup!" She griped back. 

This was going to be hell. I sat in the back seat. They were talking about the past, I guess child hood friends?

"So how did you two meet?" The question came from the drivers seat. Was that question for me?

"Lara needed a place to live close to her college, and I needed a room mate." 

"Oh" The awkward  silence consumed all four of us until finally the car pulled up to Bakers Square. Whats the point of being here, why did Emily drag me along.

Once we were seated at a table Emily and them were laughing there heads off at some remark she had made on the way in. This is point less!

"So have you had any 'work' lately?" There conversation made no sense, they mentioned this that just couldn't be possible, and 'work' whats that supposed to mean? I sat slouched in the chair in silence, my legs curled up on the chair indian style. Well I better make the best of this and draw or something.

I separated the silverware from the napkin and began to draw a tiny comic.

"Your not going to draw the whole time are you?" Emily questioned, I looked up at her. "You can socialize for once in your life." Her arm stretched across the table and snatched the napkin. 

"I should be studying"

"You can take a break" She seemed a little mad at me. "So what have you two been up to?"

"Well lately trying to find you"

"Why were you looking for me?"

"Thats something we might need to discuss in privet"

"Oooh, ok. Sorry I never introduced you guys!" She practically shouted. "Dean, Lara, Lara, Dean, Sam Lara, Lara Sam!"

After what seemed like hours of just sitting quietly, I was back home and Emily was packing after a long talk in the living room with her friends... Sam and Dean. Was she leaving for good... or just going on a short trip? Which ever it was Im not going back home, Im never going back there.


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