Mind wave and the fantastic four (book 2 of the mind wave series

This is book two of the mind wave series. Isabella May has left the avengers and is now walking the streets,homeless. But when she goes looking for a job she bumps into someone she thinks she recognises. Ben Grimm is a friend of her cousin Bradley who used to work with him, but quit after finding out that his girlfriend was pregnant. She goes to stay with Ben and Reed at the Baxter building and starts working with them. Two years later the three of them go to Victor Von Dooms building to try and persuade him to let them use his spacecraft for an experiment. That day she meets Susan Storm. On the day they go to space she meets Susan's brother Johnny Storm. When they get into space something bad happens and Reed,Susan,Ben,Johnny and Victor get powers; Isabella a new one. Join Isabella as she helps her new friends defeat a new enemy and develops some feelings towards a new person. I don't own any marvel characters I own my character and my parts of the plot.


1. Ben Grimm and Reed Richards

Isabella's P.O.V
It was ten past four in the afternoon and I was still walking around the undamaged part of New York. I was looking for a job and a place to stay. I'm not going back to the helicarrier because Scarlett will probably be forced to stay there because she's new and I'm not going home because Peter only lives like a few houses down. I walked into a cafe to get a drink and something to eat. Once my order was given to me I payed the cashier and made my way to the exit. On my way to exit the cafe I saw a familiar face. Is that Ben Grimm? I walked over to him. I needed to be sure if this was really him, then he could help me get a job. "Excuse me, are you Ben Grimm.?" I asked him. 
"Yes I am, who are you?" Ben asked.
"I'm Isabella May, my cousin ,Bradley Davidson, used to work with you." I replied.
"Nice to meet you," Ben said. I nodded and shook his hand. "So how's it been here in New York." he asked. 
"It's great, big shame about what happened on the east side of New York." I replied. 
" Yeah, that mind wave girl put up a good fight against that powerful evil girl especially for someone her age." he said. I smiled to myself by the compliment he gave me. Obviously he doesn't know that I'm Mind Wave thanks to Bradley not telling him my secret about my powers. " Anyway what are you up to." he asked.
"I'm trying to look for a job and a place to stay." I replied.
"Why don't you asked Reed if your allowed to work with him, I'm sure he won't mind." he said.
"Do you know where he is?" I asked.
"Yeah he's at the Baxter building, I'll show you where it is after I get him his coffee." he replied.
"Thanks Ben." I said. After Ben got Reed and him a coffee, I followed him to where Reed would be to ask him for a job. Once we arrived at the Baxter building, we walked into an elevator and up to Reeds floor. I'm a little shy. I've never met Reed so I don't know what he will be like. I'm not much of a people's person, that's why I didn't have friends when I was younger. Just as we arrived at Reeds floor, Reed came walking towards us. When he was near us Ben gave him his coffee. "One coffee for Mr Richards." Ben said I think in a joking way. 
"Thanks Ben." Reed said smiling. It was a joke then. "who's this?" He asked. 
"This is Bradley Davidson's cousin, Isabella May." Ben replied. I shook his hand and asked "I was wondering if you had a job available for me?" 
"Yeah there's Bradley's old job you can take." he offered.
"Thanks," I replied " do you know any places I can stay?" I asked.
"You can stay here I have an extra bedroom." he replied.
"Thank you this means a lot to me, especially from what I've been through." I muttered the last part. 
"I'll show you to your room, have you got any clothes and toiletries on you." he asked.
"Yeah they are in this bag." I said pointing to my bag.
"Good." He showed me to my room and left me to unpack my bag. I think I'm going to like it here. And I think me, Ben and Reed a re going to get along. Now all I need to do is get Peter off my mind and I'll live a happy normal life.

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