Starla's Secret

This is partly true. It is sort of based on one of my other stories called My Cyberbullying Experience, but I'm going to use different names and stuff like that.

It is going to be about a girl called Starla (who would be me) who has a crush on a boy called Ezra (nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars lol). The first time they meet, he thinks she is weird and calls her nasty things. The bullying only gets worse....


1. Chapter 1

Starla's POV

Hi I'm Starla , I am 10 years old and today I'm starting a new school! I can't wait to meet the teachers and hopefully make some friends. The school I am going to is called Evergreen Academy and it sounds great, I'm honestly so excited! 

Now let me tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Starla Rose Johnson, my birthday is on Christmas Eve and I have this disability. When I was younger, I used to be a gymnast but one day I got into a fight with another gymnast, a girl called Ellie. We were on one of them beams that you walk across, and she pushed me off it and I severely broke both of my legs. I was only seven, so it was about three and a half years ago. Since then, my legs were so badly broken that I have to walk with crutches all the time and I look so STUPID, even some of my old 'friends' said so. To be honest I hate it, but I guess I'll have to live with it forever. 


When I arrived at school, my teacher found me in the playground and she took me into the school to show me my way around, although it wasn't a very big school. Soon, I knew my way around the school, and because I'm still in primary school, I have the same teacher for almost all of my lessons. I found out my teacher's name was Miss Miller. I had English and Maths with her every day, which took up about there and a half hours of the school day including break time.Then it was lunch. For the remaining two hours, I had Science, History, Geography, Music or Art depending on what day it was. We did PE two days a week instead of any of the 5 lessons we would usually have on an afternoon.Today was Monday. I really enjoyed English, it had always been my favourite subject, and Miss Miller taught amazing English lessons! Maths was okay, but its never been a lesson that I liked but I still enjoyed it. In English we started reading this book called Lord of The Flies. I've actually read it before because I'm one of those kids who loves reading. Don't laugh. It's actually not funny. I mean if you do laugh it won't affect me, it's just that I don't see why you should laugh just because I like books. Tomorrow in Maths we are going to do algebra for the first time, I think it is going to be really hard. I'm probably right. 

There are some nice people in my class though I haven't learned many names yet. I met two girls called Daisy and Charlotte who seemed nice enough. Daisy isn't very tall, she has bright blue eyes like sapphires and long, straight white-blonde hair. Charlotte however, is even taller than me, and I'm quite tall, she has cute hazel coloured eyes and wavy brown hair that is as soft as silk. Excuse my amazing use of similes. Lol. A few days later, I noticed this cute boy who sat in the corner of the class, at the back all by himself. I wondered why he sat there. Little did I know, I would get to know him better very soon. After the last lesson, which was Music, I stood in the main corridor and leaned against the wall, sighing tiredly. I had a really bad headache from all the noise everyone made in the Music lesson. We got to play lots of different instruments, we chose them out of this big box. I was close to crying. The headache was killing me. Within a few minutes I was crying my eyes out. I thought everyone had gone home from school but I was wrong. The boy who sat at the back of the class walked over to me suddenly and said "Hey, are you okay? My name is Ezra, and you- you're in my class aren't you?" 

I took a deep breath and spoke "Hi Ezra. I'm okay, but I just have a really bad headache from the Music lesson."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I know exactly how you feel. So what's your name?" Ezra said hugging me as I stared at his piercing blue eyes and cute smile. I had only seen him a few times before but I was actually falling in love with him. It was pretty much love at first sight for me. Most people would say that children of my age are way too young to fall in love. But I don't listen to them. 

" name is Starla." 

"That's a really nice name."

"Thank you." 

"You're welcome. And I should probably go now. My mum will be waiting outside for me." 

"Same. I should go home too." 

I only live a couple of streets away from school, and I've been allowed to walk home myself as we live so near. That Ezra boy seemed so kind. And really cute. I wasn't going to tell anyone yet. Not yet. It's a secret. Over the next two weeks or so, Ezra kept talking to me, he told me how amazing and beautiful he thought I was. I loved it when he talked to me like that. The day after that he came to talk to me again, this time with one of his friends. Ezra's friend was tall and thin, with a demon-like face and hair as black as coal. He stared down at me. I was terrified, frozen where I stood, shaking worriedly. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't move. Then Ezra spoke. 


Why was he friends with such a frightening boy? Only he knew what was coming. 




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