This is a story about a young girl who's parents die in a crash so she has to move to LA with her grandpa. She meets 5SOS and falls in love with Ashton Irwin. They start dating and when he grandfather finds out he gets mad because she's 16 and Ash is 21. There are many trials in the relationship and they conquer most..... But are they strong enough to conquer all?


6. Meeting The Boys

I spent the whole day with Ashton. It was about 8pm and he took me to one last store. There were a bunch of fancy dresses and he helped me pick a short and tight dress. Then he took me to a club.

I got in with no questions, just like he said, but I felt guilty. I shouldn't have been there. I was under age. What was I thinking. Ashton saw that I was upset so he got me a drink.

When I had gotten my 3rd drink some boys with familiar faces came over. It didn't take long for me to realize who they were.


"Guys this is Annie. She's staying with George. Her parents recently died in a crash." He explained.

"Hi" the gorgeous blonde, Luke said.

"What's up chica" the beautiful boy who's dick I had recently seen on the internet, Calum said.

"Hey babe" the already drunk Michael slurred.

I looked at Ashton and he nodded. It was late and I knew if I didn't get out then I never would. When we got to the Ashton's car his phone went off.

It was a group chat with him and the other boys. They all told him to give me their numbers. He did what they wanted and I almost screamed, but if I did I knew I would like like a crazy bitch.

Ashton took me home and helped me sneak into my room. He made said goodnight and climbed in bed with me. I was too tired to care. He started cuddling me and burrowed in face into my neck.

"You smell good" I could feel his breath on my neck. That was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

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