All That Glitters Doesn't Last

" I'll be back mom, I'm just going to a small party at Owen's house. It will only be a couple of hours. "………

That's what they all say.


1. Meet Me

Chloe was exactly what you would call high school royalty. She had the looks, the charm, and the body. As she applied the last of her lip gloss, she took a look at herself in the mirror...nothing new really. A flawless skinned 16 year old with aqua eyes, auburn hair and pouty lips. After closing the lid of her fave gloss, Cherry Berry Swirl, she smiled and said " Now, time for a party. "

Chloe's POV

I sauntered over to my huge, walk-in closet and opened the big, pink doors. I wander if I should wear a skirt...nah I'll stick with a dress. I flipped my long hair over my shoulder and got to work on my outfit: a tight, dark blue sparkly number with gold accents, and gold pumps, topped off with the cherry; her mom's diamond necklace. Yep. I got this. After slipping the dress, shoes, and necklace, I scrambled down the stairway, ready to get to Owen's ( the second most popular guy in school) house.

Everybody that was worth being somebody was going to be there. I was worth it. I'm Chloe Carpenter...THE ONE AND ONLY!!!! I sighed at first in pleasure of my awesome life, then at my mom, standing in front of the door with her arms crossed.

" And where is it that you think you're going, all dressed up like that without-"

"I'll be back mom, I'm just going to a small party at Owen's house. It will only be a couple of hours." I interrupted, irritated that she couldn't trust me.

" Well, I see it is too much to ask to get a simple picture of my daughter before she goes out into the night."

" Sorry mom," I said through my teeth as I posed for the photo ," I thought you were going to say I couldn't go."

" Now, why would I do that?" She said it with such innocence that I actually would have mistaken her with an actress. She wanted something and I knew it. Probably to give her money. Ever since I was 6 she's been asking me for money to buy makeup products.


......There is a young girl with stringy auburn hair sitting on a rug with her piggy bank, acting like it was her pet.

"Oink oink oink! Hehehehe. Run Mr. Piggy, run away from the butcher! "

" Chloe... Oh Chloe. Mama has to go buy some goodies at the store. You'll let mama borrow some green paper, right?

The child giggled and whispered " poopy time Mr. Piggy! " and spilled out about $85 on the floor. Little did she know, she probably could have bought a cooler looking pig with the same amount of money. The girl glanced up at her mom with her bright, wide eyes. "You'll buy me somefing too right?"

" Of course honey, mommy will buy you a chocolate bar."

Almost 3 hours later, mommy comes back with the "goodies". She stops in her own room first dumping a bag full of expensive makeup on her bed. She takes out a candy bar and opens the child's door. " Here you go" she muttered, tossing a cheap, piece of candy on the floor, then shutting the door and walking away.......

Chloe's POV

I had no other choice but to give my mom the last $23 I owned. She nodded appreciatively and moved out of my way. I walked outside and texted Maya, my best friend, to hurry up. 2 minutes later, Maya's hot pink convertible pulled up in the driveway to my house.

" You know the drill M's. Let check out that killer outfit!"

Maya reluctantly stepped out of her car and stood in front of me. She had on a tight, purple dress on, leather jacket, and black heeled ankle boots. I had to admit, if I were a boy, I'd be all over her.

"Well…do I look OK? "

" No M's, you don't look look HOT! Let's go so we can get the first pick on the guys there."

We hopped in the car, buckled our seat-belts and Maya pulled out of the driveway. I leaned back against the seat, careful not to ruin my perfectly curled locks. The car was headed to yet another regular neighborhood and we headed to yet another fun-filled party.

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