Character Study: Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

It is what it says it is. I've tried to make this as reader friendly as possible, so give it a read if you feel like having your mind blown.


7. II - CHARACTERISTICS: Vaas and Women

I know what you're thinking and you've probably got it wrong. Yes, I know what pirates are known for - past or present - but this is different. Vaas's job on the northern island of Rook includes cultivating drugs, and capturing people to ransom them and/or sell them into slavery. It's how Jason Brody got caught up in this mess to begin with. But Vaas seems to act differently between the male and female prisoners that he holds.


The most obvious reason for this - the fate of young women is more discernible than that of men. Whereas women could easily be sold as concubines, men don't often hold that appeal to those who are looking for slaves. Therefore, Vaas has a responsibility to keep viable “products” free from damage.

Hoyt, Vaas's boss, explicitly says: “Now, there are only three company rules that you have to follow. First: protect my product... You can f*ck them, boys, but be gentle.”

So Vaas can't be too free with torture on women as he is with men - though man-handling and rough-treatment isn't beyond him.


Contrary to this point, however, Vaas seems to have a different way or mannerism when speaking with women than he does with men. In one portion of the game, Jason finds a recording of a ransom video of his friend, Liza, that Vaas filmed. In the film, a pirate disturbs the recording and warns Vaas about something - to which Vaas replies: “Will you please stop swearing? We are in the presence of a lady actress.”

Also, during Jason's second encounter with Vaas, Liza starts crying (because Vaas intended to burn her and Jason alive) and Vaas touched her face and whispers to her, “Shh. It's okay, don't cry. It's okay.

I'm not saying he's a gentleman, but it's different.

When Barry was crying from his multiple bullet and flesh-wounds in The FarCry Experience, Vaas screamed at him: “Shut the f*ck up! Shut the f*ck up! Shut the f*ck up! I will kill you! Then I will drag you out of f*cking hell! And kill you again! Shut the f*ck up! Stop f*cking crying!


This difference in mannerism may or may not be symptomatic of his old personality before he gave it up. He was responsible for his younger half-sister - who he still seems to have a measure of brotherly affection for, even after everything. There's anger, of course, but some things he says just stick out.

There was a time I would do anything for my sister” - that is affection.

Are you enjoying my sister's company? Huh?” - and that is jealousy.


I mean, I had this discussion with a friend and, in part, he disagreed. He thought more to the idea that Vaas treats women better so he can use them for sex. But that still doesn't add up for me, because, like I said - he still man-handles them. Maybe not as much as men, but it's definitely not gentle. And it's not like sex with such women was going to be consensual anyway - so why would he feel the need to speak to them in a nicer, softer way?


I think it's a very strange part of his personality, but worth the mention. 

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