stress of exams and the constant pressure drove me nuts >.<
poetry is the best therapy ;)


1. Fight!

They trivialize our struggles as our ‘imagination’

saying that knowledge is the basic foundation

on which we build our lives, our futures, our pains,

ignoring our claims that we’re not ready to take the reins.

After being coddled for so long, our views disregarded as ‘immature’

how can they expect us to simply endure?

This world is a labyrinth and we have no map,

every turn we take feels like a trap,

I can’t handle this any more, it’s over, I’m done,

and instead of helping, they hand me a gun,

they call it natural selection; evolution;

survival of the fittest to support their illusion,

forcing us up their mountains of expectations,

don’t they realise they’re destroying the lives of generations?

It’s time to stop them, to open their eyes,

time for the oppressed to come together and rise!

To crush the unrealistic hopes parents have for us –

time to fight, rebel, to kick up a fuss,

for we refuse to be a part of somebody else’s dream,

our own ambitions crushed by their ruthless regime

we want to live, here, now, today!

We refuse to be kept at bay!

The revolution starts now,

so gather your wits, your courage, your nerve,

it’s time to fight for what we truly deserve.

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