Come In

My name is Skye. I work at a place where kids were killed, where adults and detectives ran screaming. A place so TERRIFYING that the things inside feed off the fear it produces...

I work at Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria.
I work at Five Nights At Freddys...

(The Pizzaria is a combination of both FNAF 1 & FNAF 2)


1. Racing

I glanced the cameras, then shoved the mask on as Chica appeared in the hallway. I then checked the cameras again and saw Foxy running down the hallway. I flashed my torch at him and scrambled my mask on as well, because Mangle was on the hallway roof. I beat off BB as he clambered through the vent and shooed away Foxy and Mangle.

I pulled the mask off and breathed. It was 5:30 so I'd be finishing the night soon. It was night 4 that night, and I was terrified of what night 5,6 and 7 were gonna be like. The phone rang again and I slumped back on my chair.

"Congratulations! You've made it to night 4... And by the way, a new guy will be joining you tomorrow. Good luck!" I groaned, the last new guy got killed on night 2, and this one was starting on night 5!? He must be crazy to come here! After all, when you come here...

You live here for life.

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