On and On it Goes

Ace was your typical highschool boy, except for the fact that he was the exact opposite. Ace was a neko, a half human- half cat hybrid. These "Neko"'s aren't exactly accepted into the world. They are just another thing for people to bully and enslave. Ace's parents are well known neko's and that is the only reason he is even in school. Join Ace on his journey trying to be an average kid.


1. New Day Dawning

I woke up with a yelp and glared in the direction of the thing that disturbed my sleep. There my mother stood, guiltily holding my red tail in her hands and grinning.

"Get up and get dressed, okay?" She said as she left the room with a sickeningly sweet grin.

I mumbled to myself, knowing I had to, and stood groggily and rubbed my eyes with my sweater paws. I stumbled into the bathroom tiredly, slipping on some jeans, a sweater and some vans. I attempted to brush down my hair while avoiding my ears but failed horribly, sighing as I gave up deciding just to head to school with bed hair. I grabbed my backpack and wandered down the stairs and into the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of toast before heading out the door. I never really have eaten much, especially not at breakfast.

I skated to school, having eaten the toast when I walked out the door. I arrived infront of the school and kicked my board up before walking through the doors. I walked to my locker and grabbed my music folder. I just moved to this new school and it is my first day here. I hope the kids here are nicer then the last one's... I wore a beanie and hid my tail, so no one would know about my.... "difference".

I walked into music class to find only one other person in there. It was a boy, he had blue hair and eyes as black as an abyss. I stared into them for a moment, I had never seen someone with such dark eyes....

The boy suddenly caughed snapping me out of my trance. I blinked quickly, clearing my head as the boy looked at me, seeming as though he was trying not to laugh. I looked down and held out my hand blushing a little.

"H-Hi, I'm Ace... Nice to meet ya..." I muttered barely audible.

The boy did laugh this time, standing from his seat and pushing my hand down slightly. " 'm Ryan, it's a pleasure, and one thing you need to know is that I don't shake hands buddy, you gotta be prepared for hugs." Ryan demonstrated by hugging me and I smiled and shyly bit my lip ring.

Ryan seems like a nice guy... It seems like I have a friend... Well, for now, until he learns my secret at least....

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