Saved ( A Niall Horan Love story)

When 15 year old Skyler Greg runs away from home due to bullying she runs into a 16 year old irish lad named Niall Horan. She felt like she was being saved, loved and rebuilt when she met him but, she keeps denying it in her mind that she does not love him back. Little does she now she's falling for him. Hard.


3. Meeting Niall

2 weeks later.........

I was starving. I felt like I could just lye down and die. But I knew it was not an option. It was late, late at night. It was drizzling and I was freezing. I had no idea where I was and it scared me a little. I kept walking on an empty street with no houses or anything. " Why did I leave" I asked myself. " I know it is to late to turn back now but, I did not think it was going to be this bad".

I walked and walked until I couldn't bear it anymore. I was tired, starving, dehydrated, weak, and broke. I fell to my knees on a sidewalk. Laid down. Shut my eyes and before you know it I was in deep sleep.

1 hour later.....

I woke up. Where was I. I was in a room that was blue and green and it looked really nice. " Was I kidnapped". " Would they kill me". As these thoughts were going through my head I heard the door open and 5 boys walked in. I was terrified. I looked at them horridly. It was weird because they looked a little bit to young to be murders but you never know". The boy with brown curly hair and brown eye sat on the bed and asked what my name is. I just sat there and starred. " Liam" I heard another boy say. " Don't you think we should tell her who we are first?? She looks terrified". Right then and there I knew they were not going to hurt me but I was still scared. " Well i'm Louis, thats Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Niall. I gave them all a weird look. " I-i-i'm Sk-kyler". " Well Skyler is a beautiful name". Niall said. I blushed a little but then asked " Why am I here". " Well um I was driving down the street and then I seen you lying there shivering. I was scared for you and brought you here" Niall said. I looked at him with sweetness in my eyes. " Thanks" I replied. " No problem" He said smiling. " You asked your question now I can ask you mine" Liam said. " Ok" I replied. " Well why were you laying on the street" He asked concerned. I looked at him and then looked down. " I'd rather not talk about it" I replied. " Thats ok". Niall budged in the conversation and said " You must be starving". " You read my mind" I said. He smirked and asked what would I like. " Umm do you have Mac & cheese" I asked hopefully. " Your lucky we just made some, I'll go get you some". Niall said. " Thank You " I said sweeter then I have ever said anything. He ran down the stairs as I looked at the other guys. " How long have you been out there you look pale??" Harry asked. I looked down and tried my hardest to hold back my tears. " Never mind sorry for asking" He said. " Here is your Mac & Cheese " Niall said dancing as he walked in which made me giggle. " Here you go ,love" He said in his amazing accent. I blushed because he called me loved. I tried to hide it but I just couldn't. " Awww she's blushing because you called her love, lad" Louis said smirking. I looked at him and then back at niall. " What i'v never been called love before" I said in more as more of a question tone. " Well you should have " he replied which caused me to blush even harder. " Ok, ok enough flirting and let the girl eat" Zayn said. I grabbed the bowl of macaroni and started to shove it all in my mouth. " Wow " Niall said surprised. " What" I said with a stuffed mouth. " Well I have never seen a girl eat so much, and so fast before" He said even more surprised. When I was done with my bite I managed to say" Thats because you've never met me". He smiled and I smiled back starring into his eyes. His eyes were like two beautiful seas under the moonlight.

My thoughts

" Wait skyler stop it, you just met this guy and you already like him. Stop. I thought. " No I don't like him, he just seems very sweet". I said to my mind " You keep thinking that sweet heart" it replied back. 

I stopped thinking and realized I was still staring into his eyes. I quickly looked away which made all of the boys stare. " He has beautiful eyes, right" Louis said sarcastically. I gave him a deaf glare and then went back to eating. When I was done I made Louis take my bowl down stares for specific reasons. " You wanna get some sleep, mate" Harry said. " That would be nice" I replied. " Well we have clothes in the closet out in the hallway if you would like to wear that instead of your wet clothes". I looked at my clothes then looked at him. I got off the bed as he led me to the closet. He took a oversized shirt and a pair of shorts for me. " Here you go, You can go change in the bathroom" He said with a mischievous look on his face. I took the clothes a little confused, walked to the bathroom, changed, and walked out. I seen all 5 boys staring at me with smiles which i'm not going to lie. frightened me. " Is the shirt comfortable" Louis said. " Yeah... Why?" I replied. " because thats Niall's shirt" Harry said. I looked at my shirt and then looked at Niall. " Its ok love, You look cute in it" Niall said so sweetly which caused me to blush really hard. I looked down at the floor smiling trying to hide the blush. " Don't hide your beautiful smile from me, love". Niall said innocently. My cheeks were so pink at the moment. I looked up at him and he was smiling which made my smile grow bigger. " Now thats what I like to see" Niall said. " Ok enough of the flirting and let then young lady goto bed Nialler" Zayn said. " I'm not flirting i'm just spitting out the truth, as they always say THE TRUTH MOST BE TOLD!". Niall screamed which caused me to go out into laughter. " Ok Zayn's right, she looks tired so lets leave her alone now" Liam said. When they all left the room I got into the bed which smelt like a dozen roses and fell fast asleep.

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