Purple Leaves

In a small industrial town tucked away in the backwoods of Connecticut, Leon whom dropped off the radar a few years back after the special abilities he has been handed down from generations got the best of him has made a comeback. Reuniting with his brothers they must cope with the difficult lifestyle they have been placed in since birth.


1. Leon is Back

In the backwoods of Connecticut a town lies tucked away amongst the foothills and dense trees. A small industrial town. But in the north east section of the United States you have to take the term "industrial" lightly. The town consisted of a town center, which was just a mess of small shops and gas stations. Surrounding the town center was a large Colt plant that had been abandond for years. The plant was large, made of bricks and large windows that had been long since shattered, but the walls and metal roofs still stood. Like a reminder of the bustling noise the town once held. Much of the old compound for the gun manufacturer had been removed and made room for the power plant. Those who were not engineers tended to work at the power plant in this town.

Fifteen minutes outside of town propped against a river sat an old barn converted into a house. The wheel that once spun with the water had long since been halted. Inside this wooden structure was a cozy studio apartment style home. Vern, a 28 year old brother of three lived here. On this night he was at his computer playing video games. Vern was a somewhat pale and skinny man, he wore a red faded cap and a white striped shirt. His blue hoodie was unzipped over it. His pants were simply jeans. His desk held two computer monitors, one of which displayed his game and the other displayed the news page he had open on the internet. His beast of a pc was placed under the desk and let off a blue glow. On his desk he had his glass of black tea with lemon and sugar, and a pack of menthol cigarettes. Vern, who was highly engaged in the game he was playing did not notice the car headlights pull up outside.

The door to his apartment made a creaking noise as it opened and Vern quickly turned around to view the door while knocking over his keyboard and cigarettes. "Jesus Leon dont just creep up on me like that!" Leon, who was now leaning against the wall was a sharply dressed man. He was 28 just like Vern and was a brother. He wore a black suit jacket which was left open rather than buttoned, underneath he wore a red silk button down shirt left open at the top just enough to expose his silver necklace. His pants were slim formed jeans with a black belt and silver buckle. His shoes were a pair of black dress shoes. As he leaned against the wall he ran his fingers in his pulled back black hair and chuckled. "Is that the way you greet a brother?" Leon said. Vern, rubbing his temples said "Where have you been man! I havent seen you in six months! Not since you and Amber ended." Leon, who twitched his jaw just a little when the name was mentioned said "Amber didnt just leave, she destroyed everything I had on her way out, it was a complicated situation and I had alot to do to fix it." Vern said "Okay okay sorry I even said anything, so what did you come here for?" Leon who walked over to the old but comfy couch in the corner sat down and said "what, a brother cant just come visit his family?" Vern said "you havent showed your face in months, you are here for something." Leon smiled and raised his hands and said "Okay I guess catch up time is over, you already know im here on business." He then just stared at Vern. Vern leaned forward in his desk chair with a look of realization on his face and said "oh, family business. Look man, I dont think that is such a good idea, remember what happened last time. We just got too deep, too involved, it could kill us all." Leon said "I dont think we have a choice! We cant just sit back and pretend that all these things that are happening just arent happening. I misjudged one person who I needed, that was my mistake. Things got messy and she couldnt handle it, it broke my heart. But this time its different. Its time to get the family togeather. I have some work to get done, arrange a meeting for tomorrow." Leon stood up, and without another word said he left.

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