A look back on my life

This is a poem about my life and what I had to deal with growing up.


1. My Poem

Standing in self-hatred,

Drowning in my tears,

Looking back on my life,

What I have been through the past 15 years.


Living in a home where I was invisible,

At just 7 years of age did you think I was invincible?

You blame it on stress and family crisis,

But can you really say that when you see the slices?


I was starving for love, affection and attention.

Along with that I was a victim of the bully's,

One punch, one slap, a few words of hatred,

I was totally Hated.


We moved and things got a little better,

But I will never forget the abandonment and loneliness.

Repressed memories made me forget who I was,

who I am.


Are you happy now?

You condemned me to self-hatred,

to self-mutilation.

And I can't even remember why.

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