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  • Published: 19 May 2015
  • Updated: 19 May 2015
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i spend all day looking at a screen, editing photos and creating drawings, and after having spent too long looking at a mainly black poster, i saw a very green tree dancing outside the window. i thought it looked like glass.


1. a bejewelled world

In our own world there is another world, 

it's trees dance in the wind, they shimmer and shine for all to see

their leaves are of broken emerald and shattered glass

their bark is of woven bronze and their wood is of the purest gold.


they carry their flowers like crowns of brilliant diamonds and dazzling rubies.

a flood of fruits and berries are born from them every year, 

they fall like hearts onto the ground, where they land; they spring new life in bounty.


the seas are like piles of saphires, that shape into waves and lick the feet of any who pass their way.

the ocean craddles life in its arms, it smiles to the sky and lift its first little ones onto the new land.

with eyes towards the cobolt blue and navy green seas, the little dream of growing big.

its joy spreads to any who behold its pearly white tops and eternal, unrelenting love.


The sky in this world gleams in a thousand colours, it thinks and feels, it twists and turns in all its grace

every morning it burns with golden flames from behind a veiled glass wall.

every evening it glows with the most wonderful colours, from the reddest orange to the blackest purple.

it paints its skin with long luminus clouds that reflect its light and underline its overwhelming beauty.


its creatures are born with love and understaning, with trust and honesty.

they grasp their first breaths on pearly white beaches with bubbles of ambers along the shore.

their newborn laughter concieves a millennium of glee, life, and bliss.

from their first day they live in the joy of this gift they have now finally received.

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