Black Widow

this story is about a girl who thought she found her true love but she didn't. She was so scared of black widows, but when she found her real true love, was a very surprising thing to her, her family, and to the academy


4. The school dance

Tonight was the school dance, I really didn't want to go but my brother begged me to come with him, Carlos was looking for me, when me and my brother entered, everyone started to stared at us. I said "I'm going," he stop me and said "No no, you promise that you stayed with me," I really don't like wearing dresses and when people are staring at me. When both Headmaster Hellsing and Carlos saw me walking with my brother, Headmaster asked a teacher "Would you care to dance with me?" They started to head to the dance floor, then the students started to dance, Carlos saw me leaving to the balcony. I was staring at the moon, then I told myself to don't worry about it, Carlos asked "How come you don't go to the music room anymore?" I shrugged then I saw a girl dropped a glass, while she was picking up the pieces, she cut herself. I ran to my dorm, then Carlos saw what was going on, when he catched up, I saw how the fear grew in me, Carlos said "Ray, please come and let me help you." I shook my head and said "I don't want to hurt you," I ran somewhere he couldn't find me, when he lost me in the shadows, I was near the party. I heard footsteps coming from behind, I turned around quickly, I saw some guys coming towards me, then I tried to ran but one of them said "Hey there pretty lady," they got so close, then they started to grabbed my boobs. So, I started to scream, the whole school saw me on the ground bleeding, one of them had a knife, when tried to get so close to the students, so I ran to them then I got their guns.

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