In This Nightmare

I looked at her with an raised eyebrow.
"And if I don't let you go?" She starred back, furious.
"You will die." I laughed, before my eyes became serious.
"No. You will." I was glad I just had the knife sharpened. It would have been a lot messier to cut her throat with a dull one.


4. Chapter three (Vasilios)

I looked out of the window. The sun was at it's highest. It was time for the last-minute-guest to arrive. I did in no way plan to let him stay long, since I had a ball to attend. Of course, I was already late, but I saw no problem in arriving for dessert.

The doors opened, and the knight was shown inside the magnificint dining hall. He looked anxious, so I smiled at him, to help him calm a little.

"Goodday, good sir, what a delicate morning mist, covering this kingdom like a downy pillow when the red-golden morning light coloured the sky this very exquisit morning, would Thou not say?" I asked him.

"Y-yes, My Lord!" he stammered. I sighed.

"I take it Thee wanted to speak with me on background of Thy brothers misdoing?

"Y-yes, My Lord! Please, please forgive me his misdoing, My Lord!" the knight cried, falling to his knees. I stood up and walked to kneel infront of him, putting a hand to rest on his shoulder.

"Now, now, good sir, hath Thee ever heard the saying about family not ending in blood?" The knight nodded.

"Well, good sir, I hath come to realise myself that is dost not start there either." I stood. "Now, Sir Barameus, retreat to Thy quarters, knowing this: All is well." I watched as the knight gathered himself and exited the door. I smiled. I would be a little late, but it would be worth it.


I easily slipped past the guards and into the ballroom. It was something I had enjoyed doing since childhood. Something that often got the guards in trouble; what is value of guards, who cannot even stop a boy from passing through the one door, he is not allowed too?

I quickly spotted the newly crowned queen and the Baron's daughter and made my way there, greeting whoever I just happened to pass by. They were already deep in friendly talk.

"The other one made you look like a-" I didn't allow her to continue before I interrupted: "My my, my Lady, art Thou comparing Thy queen to a marshmallow?" I asked. They spun around, starteled.

To be honest, I wouldn't have disagreed with her.

"Vasilios!" They exclaimed, their voices creating a well functioning harmony. Sadly, neither of them sang all that often.

The lady Laelynn was not very tall, but she somehow sill managed to seem elegant. If it wasn't for one of her eyes being orange and the other blue. Now, orange eyes were pretty common for people born with The Gift, however, the blue eye had no explanation. 

She was wearing a dress in the most hideous blue colour and had, of course, changed her hair to match. The dress had a skirt like a waterfall. The kind of waterfall that started out to be completely hamless at the top, but then steadily grew in width untill it was not remotely safe to be anywhere near. The kind of waterfall you would look at and then get a nauseous feeeling of being pulled into it and drowned.

The top was a sleeveless, glittering, white one with blue petal shaped spots, like blue rose petals spread over the snow on a sunny winters day. The cutting of the neckline was something I believed the tailors called "sweet-heart" or somthing alike, in this case clearly cut that way to compensae for the size of her breasts. Undoubtingly picked by her mother.

My sister, the Queen, was wearing a red dress. A very open, red dress, if you asked me, and the corset pushed up her breasts, but hey, I was not one to complain, sister or not. The dress was decorated with golden leaves, running along the neckline that was really more of a chestline. The dress was of the finest silk, of course. The usual golden belt had been swapped out with a black one, hanging loosely around her hips, where the top became skirt.

Compared to my sister, the Lady Laelynn was about as developed as a three year old boy.

"What are you doing here?!" The Lady Laelynn asked. I smiled at her, bowing as I held out my hand for her to place her own in. I drew her hand to my lips in a soft kiss, keeping my eyes locked with hers.

"I am merely attending this very ornate ball," I told her, before I stood upright, letting go of her hand. I smiled at her, folding my hands behind my back, before I turned to the Queen.

"My dearest sister. Still grieving our departed father. Know that I speak with the deepest sincerity when I say this: May God look upon Thy soul with pride and the devil the same, but with hatred." She smiled a fake smile and performed a grateful curtsy, the latter performed with such stiffness, it was not fitting a Queen, however, it was without a doubt intentionally, as she did not truly feel grateful.

"Ah, well, it was truly delightful to see Thee, however, I do believe they hath just called for dessert, something I would not miss, not even if the alternative be Thy company." I bowed once more, before I walked  towards the tables where the rest of the guests were gathering, finding a seat next to the Baron.

"Well, if it isn't the young prince! It has truly been too long," he said, smiling. I smiled back, showing off my teeth.

"Too long indeed, my good baron," I said. "How beautiful Thy daughter carries forth, she must surely have many a suitor!" He chuckled.

"As always you are booth polite and flatering, my young prince, and you are right, however Laelynn fear they only want her for her position and I fear that she is right." He sighed. "At some point she must marry, wether she will it or not." I nodded.

"Such a proud line as Thine cannot end with a spoiled daughter." He looked at me a bit before he shook his head.

"No," he simply said, turning his attention to his food. I looked up at the Lady Laelynn and the Queen, who stood right besides me, having unquestionably heard the last of our conversation. I shot them a smile, baring my teeth.

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