Just Like You

Luke has been a Vampire since 1772..... He wants to be human again....... But, there's only one way....
(Beware, this story is only marked yellow because I can't change it to the really mature content)


3. Blood Love.....

*Luke's POV*

I sat there, watching Aria sleep on my bed. Well what was my bed 200 years ago. Then I heard a slight knock. I went to the door and there was Ashton. "What is it?" "I heard you had a guest... Is it her?" "What do you mean her?" "You don't know?" "No. What?" "There's a girl you are made to be a mate with...One who can turn you human... The girl you have, her name's Aria... Is that her?" "Well yeah her names Aria, but there's no way its her.. She says she hates me..." "Lets see." He walked in and looked at her for a few seconds. "Luke..... That's the girl..." I paused. "If she hates you, then you're doomed.. And Kellin knows she's your mate..." Kellin was the former leader of our group, The Absolute Assassins. I hated the name. It made us sound like we were meant to kill everything we wanted. And Mike, Cal, Ash and I were the most merciful. Ashton was our leader now. Just us 4.

Kellin left after I was "too merciful" on a dying man. He was dying, how could I do it to him and his family?! When I couldn't do it, he stepped in and did it himself. Then he and his friends, Damian, Xander, Ethan and Logen left and created a new group, therefore, The Absolute Assassins died off. 


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