#WhatMakesMEHappy x10

Entry to the #whatmakesyouhappy competition


7. Crushes

Crushes. I love crushes. Duh. It's not only crushes on the people at school, or in town, but also celebrity crushes.

Sometimes it makes me happy having a celebrity crush. And that's mostly because I know I'll never have them. I know I have absolutely no chance whatsoever to get them to be mine, and that makes me happy. It's odd, you would think that were not too good, but it is. It's fun. It's fun dreaming, and writing scenarios I know won't happen, ever. I love it. It's such a thrill.

And then you have those crushes you get on people nearby. Often those crushes happen on people you'll never have, but that's what makes it fun.

Crushing on people in general is fun. Just to feel deep in your heart that whenever you think about this person you are happy and smiley. Having a crush is dreaming about

Happy times.

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