Everyone's got broken parts


1. broken


Long nights I stared at the ceiling

The smile I force upon my face

Yet no one knows how I was really feeling

I would stare at my feet with such disgrace

Everyone thought nothing was wrong

And that I was okay from the smile I made

I would listen to lyrics in that song

Ever since it came out in May

Deep down I was broken inside

Where the monsters hide away

The days I would hide and cry

But for some reason you always stayed

I push people away can't you see

You can't heal whats shattered

Music has always been there for me

Music the only thing that mattered

Broken is what we are

People only assume we're okay

Our dreams seem so far

But our hopes slowly fade away

Broken parts is what we're made of

Like an old car from the 1950's

Or an old gardening glove

But broken things can quite nifty

You showed me I'm no longer broken

Like a shard of broken glass

You were the right key to fit my token

I hope our friendship will always last

If I could keep this forever I would

My voice has finally been spoken

You fixed me no one could

Cause I am no longer broken

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