"The BadGirl Vs. The Player"

Adrianna Johnson is probably a complete delinquet. She's been kicked out of her last five schools,sense she causes nothing but trouble. There's a reason for it all though,when she was 13 something big happend to her. The next year something tragic happend,something that kills her inside everyday. For the last 3 years she's rebelled against everyone and everything. She's drunk,Done Drugs,and had sex to,numb the pain. This is her last chance to be good or she's going to,the big house


1. "The Player's Bet"

~~Hey can you guys please give this story a chance and tell me if you like it or not,whether its bad critisim or not I would like to hear it so I could improve.
(Picture Cover Done By: "xnauseousx"
I sat in my math class,chewing gum and ignoring the teacher.

The door slammed opened to
Reveal Devin Marquise the schools biggest player. He has Black mop top hair and gray eye's to die for , A smile that could melt any girls heart , and every girl wrapped around his finger. Well that is until he learns this Bad Girl isn't falling for his charm.

The teacher didn't say anything and he came to sit by me. Great! Thanks Mrs.Howard!
I felt a tap on my shoulder , I knew who it was instantly. "May I help you?"I ask "The teacher gave us free time to talk just thought I'd make a new friend" Devin replied "Who said I wanted you to be my friend?" I questioned in a cocky voice,his smile fell a little.

"Ouch, that burnt I'm just trying to be nice, especially to you new girl" Devin replied smirking

"And who said I wanted you to be nice to me?" I question smirking back "I'm just a nice guy its in my nature" Devin replied , I scoffed.
"Yea playing with girls hearts before you shatter them is nice I didn't get the memo ,Mr.Player" I say standing up grabbing my book bag. "Woah, who ever said I was a player?" Devin asked

"Oh please I see the way you walk around here all high and mighty trying to get every girl to fall for you , just so you know I'm not interested and I'm not an easy target" I replied with a smirk.

"Does that mean I have to go through hell and high waters before you crack?" Devin asked standing up , I laughed.
"Please you wont even make it that far" I reply stepping closer our faces inches apart blowing my minty breath on his face. He closed his eyes , then sighed deeply before opening his eyes again with a mischevious grin.

"Wanna make A bet?" Devin asked "You sure you want to play this game with me?" I asked "Yup" Devin answered. "Alright, lets see what your made of then"I replied before walking out the classroom with a satisfied smile , mesmerizing the priceless look on his face.

I roam the halls listening to rock music , blasting Evanescene's-Immortal through my headphones , not really paying attention.
I bump into somebody "Hey watch were you-I cut myself off going into a trance staring at the most gorgeous boy ever , well second besides Devin. He had dirty blonde mop top hair,sky blue eyes,a model smile,and addorable dimples.

"Oh , I'm sorry I didn't watch were I was going" I say "No , it was totally my fault I guess I was stunned by your beauty and lost my thoughts for a moment" He replied blushing , I smiled it was cute.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm Jaden Williams and you must be the pretty new girl Adrianna Johnson" He replied "Yea that's me, so I suggest you warn everybody else" I joke half heartly, he laughs "Cute" He replied "Me Or The Comment" I ask flirty "Both" He replied "Thanks" I say "Your welcome , you know we should eat lunch together only if you want" He suggest "Sure , I'd love two , I got to get to second period though so see you till then"I reply

"Yea me two by" He says , we both walk our separate ways.

My 2nd,3rd and 4th period flew by the time 4th period ended it was time for lunch. I scanned the cafeteria searching for Jaden. He was nowhere in sight of me , so I got my lunch and sat at an empty table. I felt a presence sit in front of me , look up smiling as soon as I see its not who I hoped it would be , my smile falters.
"What do you want Devin?" I ask irritated. "Just trying to make a new friend like I said before" He replies "You mean a new toy,sorry to break it to you sweetly but not happening"I say "Oh please,you know you'll be eating out of the palm of hands in no time,just like most girl"He replies.

I smirk , stand up and lean forward across the table and whisper in his ear: " I'm not most girls" before I grab his apple off his plate biting into it seductively. I lick my lips slowly seeing him eye my lips with hunger in his eye's trying to control himself to not pounce on me like a like a lion.
I throw him a wink before getting up. As I turn to move I bump into somebody and soda spills all over my shirt. I look up to see a group of cheerleaders with all evil smiles on there faces. Especially one in the middle with blonde hair and brown eyes trying to look innocent,but had a smug look in her eye.

"Oops" She said sarcastically laughing, everyone in the cafeteria got quite.
I laughed figuring it this girl was the #1 popular cheerleader that ruled the school and A lot of these kids acted like her minions, like her puppets, well she's about to find out I'm not one of her strings and even if you try to pull mine,you betta watch out.
I picked up my juice and poured it all over her head,it spilled all in her hair making it stuck together and sticking. It flowed down her her arms,stained her uniform,and flowed down her legs.
I laughed mockingly "Oops".

Everyones mouth dropped open in the cafeteria before they began to bust out laughing.
She stomped out yelling "This isn't over" her little group behind her, I smiled in victory turning back to Devin. He just smirked in return. I took off my black long sleeved T-shirt sense it was wet,settling for my white tank top. I looked at Devin and noticed his smirk left his lips and he now looked at me with worry and concern.

"What?" I asked confused, he averted his eyes to my arms, I finally realised he was staring at my scars. I sat down uncomfortably rubbing my arms avoiding eye contact and his face.
"Here" I heard him say , I looked up to see him handing me his jacket, I give him a questioning look. "Just take it"He informs me,I nod slipping it on. "Thank you"I reply "Your welcome"He says,it becomes alittle awkward.
"I guess your wondering how,huh?"I ask him,he nods hesidently. "Well I'm not ready to tell anybody,so-I get cut off by him. "Dont worry,I understand,trust me I do"He replies. "Trust you,yea right"I say with a scoff,he gives me an annoyed look.
"Seriously Adrianna this is a serious conversation and you try to start an argument"He replies,I sigh deeply,hes right and we both know it. "I'm Sorry"I mutter "Me Two"He replies.
I'm so confused right now first were playing into this player game. Now were having serious conversations. Does he really care or is this part of the game. But he sounded so sincere,maybe he isn't so heartless,but I still have to watch my steps cause once a player always a player.
I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't know somebody set beside me until I heard an angelic voice speak.

"Hey" He said, I turned to see addorable dimples and blue eye's. "Oh, hey Jaden" I reply.
"Sorry it took me so long , Mrs.Brown wanted me to talk about my Spanish language, he said I needed a tutor" Jaden said "Oh really well I could be your tutor I'm half Puerto Rican and speak quite well"I reply,he smiles. "Yea I know,Mrs.Brown suggested you even though its your first day here,I came to ask,so will you be my tutor,Please?"Jaden pouted,I nod smiling.
"Um,dude I'm still in the room here noticed me yet?"Devin asked,Jaden looked at him. "Oh sorry man didn't see you there,got distracted"Jaden said. "Yea,trust me I do to all the time"Devin replied, they did a bro-hug handshake thing.
"You two know each other?"I ask confused. "Yea,been best friends sense 5th grade"Devin replies,I frown alittle. Jaden whispers in my ear:"Don't worry I'm not a player like my friend here,I'm a real gentlemen".
"Hello I'm still right here,I would like to know what your saying?"Devin said,I stiffled alittle laugh. "Seriously,I wanna know"Devin says whining alittle,I laugh alittle harder. "Sure you do but I'm not telling you anything"I reply. "That's my girl"Jaden says winking.
"She is not your girl"Devin shot at Jaden jealousy clear in his voice. "Well she's not yours either"Jaden shot back. After that if felt awkward and tension began to fill the air. "Boys stop fighting,if you dont I will never talk to both of you again,got it"I said "Got it"Jaden replied,we both looked at Devin to see him gone,then we looked at each other confused.
I feel my hair being pulled gently back and put to the side,I don't move. I feel lips ghost near my air whispering in a husky voice:"Yea I got it babe". It took everything in me not to shiver. He walked away with a smirk on his face.
"That boy-I get cut off by the intercom.

"Adrianna Johnson come to the pricipal's office now"I hear the principal's voice ring in my ears,I roll my eye's as I get up and head to the office.

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