High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


1. School Lock In. (2015)

So this is basically where you stay at school from 4:30 to like...9pm I think?

I wouldn't know, I've never gone to one. But this year I did, so I could get some study done for my upcoming exams.

And I was really surprised; it was actually quite fun.

We played a very...interesting game of truth or dare, told dirty jokes and believe it or not...studied.

Plus that game of murder in the dark though...oh my gosh...if you have a phobia of the dark, it's not the best game for you...I learnt...the hard way. (*starts singing I learned the hard way by Chelsea Basham*)

Anyway, what happens is you chase people through the dark. Pretty self explanatory. But you don't have torches, you use whatever natural light you can get. So in our case it was the stars (not that there were many that night) and the moon.

I was a bit hesitant...okay scratch that I was EXTREMELY hesitant to give it a try. Not only is this my first lock in, but it's my first time playing murder in the dark, with a bunch of people who like to play practical jokes. Not ideal.

So as I'm holding my friends hand, who is also holding his girlfriends hand (he didn't like the dark much either) we stood on the oval, slightly shivering from the night air.

I'm getting so off topic here, the point of this reflection is not the game of murder in the dark that even though quite fun; still managed to make me extremely on edge.

I mean we could talk about the free pizza? Or the fact that my maths teacher said I was the strangest student he taught because;

a) I'm a fangirl and so it took extreme effort to get me to focus and stop my mind from wandering (which btw shout out to my Mum for texting me about Louis becoming a father when I was in maths and I dropped my phone on the table and I went into complete shock and my maths teacher looked at me as if I were on drugs and then shrugged once he saw me googling Louis Tomlinson.)

b) I have an odd way of working, like one day I had a really sore stomach from dance and so I grabbed my laptop and my book and I laid on the floor and did my work down there (my teacher didn't think much of it but to say he wasn't exactly thrilled about it would be an understatement; he was beyond not exactly thrilled trust me.)

c) I'm an idiot. Like I ask idiotic questions sometimes and I say the most messed up things that we could be laughing an entire lesson because of one comment I made about a number. (So it could be 3 and I'd say some stupid joke and it would be so stupid me and my friend would laugh for a whole lesson.) Oh and not to mention I kinda suck at math, so eventually I'd just give up trying to understand it then spend my time drawing little I <3 Connor Franta drawings on all my worksheets.

Sadly not all lock ins could be that fun; my next one was actually horrible. I'm not going to say why but lets just say I was depressed the whole night, I'd been crying all day then I was on and off crying the whole night. I could barely eat anything or even talk. I did a bit of study, looked at university courses then mainly just listened to music.

That wasn't the greatest night of my life but hey, school lock ins, even if they have bad times they have great things about them.

Eg; The oval is empty at sunset, you can watch the sunset and lay on the grass with music blaring or your face in a book. (Plus the sunset over my school always managed to be amazing me and my friend broke into the science block to get a look at it.) Oh and fun fact, the cover to this book is actually the sunset we broke into the science block to see.


- Okay please keep in mind, this book is just for tiny little reflections that pop into my head, and they won't all be from my last year at school, some might even be from year 7. Who knows. This one is from 2015 which was my last year of school xx

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