A Kind of Sort of Fairy Tale

What if two people, who had promised their first born child to a witch, got married and had a child together? Which Witch will have the baby?


2. Another beginning

The wind blew through his hair wildly. He loved the exhilarating feeling of freedom he got from riding a horse at full gallop. The feeling intensified by the fact that he had just stolen it for the woman who lived on the outskirts of his village.

Leaning down low against the horse's neck he continued through the trees, he could almost see a break now, he drew closer and closer. Suddenly he broke through the tree line and sunlight flooded his vision. Curling his fingers in the horses mane he drew him to a halt. His eyes quickly became accustomed to the bright light and he looked around. He was just outside of the house from which he had stolen the horse. He stared dumbly at the house for a few moments. How had he ended up back here? After all, he had only just ridden away from it at full speed. He had ridden in a straight line determined to get to the other side of the forest. How was this possible? He was woken from his stupor when he saw a movement at one of the windows. Quickly, he turned the horse around and cajoled it once again into a gallop.


This time he made sure to not change direction by even the smallest amount, jumping over logs and bushes instead of riding around them in case the small deviation caused him to end up, once again, where he had started. But as he broke through the trees, the house loomed up before him. The horse stopped meters before the cottage whinnied loudly, tossing his head. The door of the small cottage was thrown open, banging against the other side as it did.  A woman in red robes and bare feet strode out a cam towards the bow and his stolen horse. He tried to get the horse to move but under the harsh glare of the  Witch he refused to obey.


"And just may I ask, do you think you are doing on my horse?" the Witch called out to the boy. Despite anything the boy had ever seen horse do, he was surprised when the horse hung his head in what could only be called shame. The Witch seemed to notice this, "Yes, well, I'll be speaking with you later."


"I didn't mean anything by…" The Witch let out a high pitched laugh. Her dark hair fell in ripples down her back.


"You snuck into my property, stole my horse and ran off with it, twice! How could you now claim not to mean anything by it you stupid boy?!" The young boy flushed in anger, how dare she speak to him like this he was not stupid!


"I can assure you lady, I am not stupid, after all I was able to take your horse with ease! Nobody could stop me!" The horse shifted uncomfortable beneath  him. He could be sure but he thought that maybe the Witches eyes may have darkened.


"Then, pray tell, why are you back here now? Why steal and then return to the place of your crime?" the boy gulped. He knew that his unexplainable returns had been of the witches doing.


"You did it, because you're a Witch!" he cried. Then suddenly he covered his mouth. People in the village always gossiped, everyone thought she was a Witch, but no one had out rightly accused her of it.


But she simply threw her head back and laughed once more. "Yes, and as a witch I can do much more than that for stealing my horse." the boy paled. He slid quickly from the horse, which as soon as it was free of him, raced back into its stall and remained silent.


"Don't, please, don't kill me"  the boy whispered hoarsely, he was now recalling some of the more gruesome fairy tales his mother had told him when he was young. The Witch smiled radiantly.


"Why of course not! I could never do such a horrible thing, to such a small boy." He held his tongue and the slight.


"Then, why - what do you want?" he asked, finally meeting the Witches eyes.


"Well, your first born child of course!" he tried to hold back a laugh at this, he was ten! Children were ages away, and besides, girls were stupid. Why would he want to even marry one? All he could now see, was that he was going to get away with this. He was overjoyed, but he tried desperately to hide it.


"I don't see why not, seems perfectly reasonable to me. Agreed."


"Wonderful." the Witch replied.  

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