A Kind of Sort of Fairy Tale

What if two people, who had promised their first born child to a witch, got married and had a child together? Which Witch will have the baby?


3. A Child of Mine

A baby's cry echoes across the walls of the small cottage. His mother lies asleep on the bed beside him and his cries go unnoticed for another few minutes, till his father runs into the room sweating from chopping wood. He hurries over to the crib and lifts his newborn son out, cooing softly. The baby's cries ceases immediately and he stares up at his father with big golden eyes. "What a beautiful baby boy, hmm? How's my son?" He looks over to his wife and then down at his son. "Missing your mummy, hey?" still carrying the child he moves out of the cottage, unwilling to wake his wife. But just as he reaches the door it comes swinging violently open. A tall, stunning woman stands in the doorway surrounded by a halo of sunlight. The father shrunk back deeper into the house as the Witch moved in her red robes becoming visible. The man felt a gentle touch at his elbow, his wife, woken by the sound of the door has moved to stand beside her husband. The baby, alert and curious, looks around and stares at the strange woman in his house. At three months he was an intelligent soul, who loved being carried in his parents arms in order to see the world from a high. "I have come to collect what you owe." the Witch announced in a high, clear voice. "You can't have my son!" cried the father. The Witch cocks her head. "Why ever not? You promised me the child exactly twenty years ago. You said, as I remember, that 'it seems perfectly reasonable to me.', do you not remember? I am simply here to collect what is rightfully mine." "I think you'll find the child belongs to me." said a deeper, colder voice from behind the Witch. The first Witch whirled around at the claim. "Belongs to you? Snarled the Witch in contempt. "Yes," replied the second Witch icily. "The girl offered me her first born child as payment for her crime, exactly twenty years ago, so you see…" "Oh no, I most certainly do not see! The boy promised me his child, exactly twenty years ago. The child is mine!" The two parents stood by motionless in shock. The mother silently gathering her courage, opened her mouth. "Well, it's true I did promise my first born child to that Witch…" She points her finger towards the second Witch, her face lights up, "Ha! You see…" The father interrupts her. "But I also promised this Witch my first child." He says indicating the first Witch. The Witches stare at the parents and each other blankly. "You, you both promised, two different Witches your first born child?" the second Witch exclaims. "I've never heard such a thing!" rebutted the first Witch. "Well, then perhaps, since neither of you rightly own my baby, you could just…" The Witches glare at her coldly. "You both promised us your child and we will have it. Leave it up to us to sort out the details." she gave the second Witch a condescending smile. Come along Evereser."
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