A Kind of Sort of Fairy Tale

What if two people, who had promised their first born child to a witch, got married and had a child together? Which Witch will have the baby?


1. A beginning

It was delicious, sweet and spicy, she had to have another. The young girl reached through the fence once more. She picked as many as the rich red berries as she could hold. Without hesitation she brought them to her lips. She broke the skin with her teeth and let the juices coat her tongue. She sighed heavily. She needed more. She went to reach in once again, but her eyes met that of an enchantingly beautiful young woman.

"Now, now my dear. What might you be doing reaching into my garden?" her voice was smooth and dangerous.

The young woman blinked, "I, Uh. Nothing." The witch smiled.

"Nothing? Then why on earth do you have my promissum berries dribbling down your chin?" The girl tried to pull her hand back out through the fence, but the witch grabbed her wrist. "tut, tut."

"Let me go! Let go!" she could not loosen the witch supernatural grip. Tears begin to spill over her face. "I didn't mean to take them, please, just let me go! Don't kill me!"

"Kill you?" the witch threw her head back and laughed. "Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to kill you." The girl sniffled.

"You're not?" the witch grinned.

"No." she said quietly.

"Then what do you want?" she asked. "You're first born child." The girl relaxed.

"Oh." she sighed. The witch cocked her head.

"That does not bother you dear?" the girl smiled shyly and looked away no. I'll just never have children, she though, I don't even like children.

"No, I agree." the witch tightened her grip on the girls wrist.

"Very well, if I have your word." She let go and the girl drew her hand quickly to her chest. When she looked back through the fence the luscious garden was empty. She took a handful of fruit for the road.

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