The Furry Hunter

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  • Published: 16 May 2015
  • Updated: 16 May 2015
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A short story about furry hunting


1. The Story

The morning started just like any other; there were nothing out of the ordinary. Somehow I just felt like doing something different today, maybe it would bring luck on the hunt. I woke up and went to take my morning bath and clothes on, so I was ready for sunrise. Instead of my usual 3-dimentional camouflage suit I decided that I would where my special suit on the bow-hunt today.
It was still totally dark outside when I left the house and went on my walk to the place I had decided to use for today’s hunt after the little furry bastard. I reached the ladder and climbed up in it so I was ready if the fluff-ball shout come by. Sitting there waiting for the sun to raise and the prey to come out of the forest, I looked around at saw the beauty of the nature coming to life after the night. The birds starting to sing in the distance, the lonely deer in the bottom for the valley and the sun slowly rising from the horizon.
Then suddenly from out of nowhere the fur of my prey came in to sight. The red and white coat came closer and closer to me, and in the end I could see the white in her eyes. Her red fur was standing super sharp against the green background, and she was making those squeaking noises I usually hear from my house. That amazing fur was more beautiful than ever before and her squeaks where like the voice of angels.
I slowly put an arrow on the bow and began to draw the bow back to be able to take the shot. Standing there in the latter, watching for the perfect moment to let go of the arrow and kill the fox I began to think about what I was doing. I began to feel at connection to her while standing there in the middle of the forest in my fur-suit with the drawn bow. I was like she was saying to me that she was ready to lose her life to my bow but I just couldn’t take the shot. Instead I drew the bow down again and put the arrow away.
I climbed down the latter and when I came down she was still standing in the same place. I called her and she came over to me like she knew me and with no hesitation. She followed me back to my house and I talked to her like she was just another furry even though she was a wild fox.

And that my friends, is the story about the fox and the furry who became friends for life.   

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