The Surfer girl and her Rockstar Brother

Charlie is an average girl, but there's one thing... her parents had split up when she was 8 and her Dad took her with him. He took her from her life, her home town, friends and family. Her brother had to go with her Mum but they're still in contact. Charlie was taken to the UK, while her brother stayed in their home town... Sydney. Her brother has made a band but they're not famous, she has never met her brothers band mates before but what will happen when she does? Will there be romance? Will there be hate?

What will happen when something big happens to Charlie and her family? Read to find out.


3. Surf Shop

I'm so confused, why is Ashton here anyway? Oh right charlie Ashton must be apart of the band Luke made. But this is so awkward everyone is staring at me and Ashton arghh.

"Charlie is that you?" Ashton questioned with confusion. "What are you doing here?"

"Wow omg this so confusing." I said rubbing my temples with my index fingers. "Uh Ash, Luke here is my brother you know the one I was talking about on the plane?"

"Oh right, well this is fricken weird cupcake."

"I know right but it's good to see you I mean well I haven't seen you since like 6 hours ago." I said laughing.

"Wait wait wait how do you two know each other, and Ashton why did you call my sister cupcake?" Luke asked still confused.

"Ah well Luke your sister and I were on the same plane and we had to sit next to each other, but about the cupcake thing that's my nickname for her as she would not stop talking about cupcakes." Ashton explained but exaggerated cupcake.

"And well its obvious coz he's in your band that you won't stop talking about. Not in a bad thing a good think okay." I said motioning my hands in the air. "Can we still go to the beach guys before it gets really late its 6:40 and I want to get back before 8:00?"

"Yeah yeah but you should get changed before we go " Luke said pointing to my room. I nodded and went upstairs into my room. I locked the door and took my bathers out.

"Which one should I wear, pink or blue?" I mumbled to myself. I picked up the blue one and put it against my body twirling around, "I think this one." I took my clothes off and put my blue bikinis on, I looked at my burns. I touched them and they only hurt a little bit. At least their going to clear up soon, I put my only clothes over the top, because my other clothes had burnt in the fire, and unlocked the door. I walked down stairs to the boys.

"Finally your ready!" Michael yelled with his arms in the air, "Lets gooooo." He yelled running out the door. We all followed him into the car. He called shot gun while I was in the back inbetween Calum and Ashton but Luke was driving. Luke started the car and Sleeping with Sirens song 'Fly' came on (listening to the song right now).

"OMG i love this song!" I shouted and started to dance in my seat. Everyone was looking at me. "What?" As soon as I asked that they started to dance as well but Luke just wiggled because he had to keep his eyes on the road.


My phone was ringing, I picked it up not caring who it was. And signalled to the boys to keep the noise down.

"Hello is this Charlie?" A familiar man asked.

"Uh yes, sorry who is this?" I questioned because I can't remember having a conversation with someone who sounded like that.

"Well this is Dan you remember me this morning after your surf?"

"Oh yeah I remember."

"Anyway I rang to see if you were still up for tomorrow as we were going to have a photo shoot."

"Oh my god yeah yeah uh well I have a problem."

"What is this problem?"

"It's a really long story so I'm gonna cut it short, my house got burnt down so I'm living with my brother and my Mum in Sydney Australia. All of my things got burnt even my surf board so I can't go surfing until I earn enough money."

"Oh okay I see."

"By any chance could I do the photo shoot in Sydney?"

"Well I'll ask the photographers of the magazine company if they are available in Australia, and you would need a surfboard so I will call the closest surf Shop to you. Wait what surf shop is closest to you?"

"Uh hang on." I covered the phone On my shirt and looked at Luke, "Luke do you know the closest surf shop to where we're going?"

"Yeah it's Chrystal surf." Luke answered while mouthing a why. I just motioned with my hands and mouth that I would tell him later.

"I'm back and the closest shop is Chrystal surf."

"Okay so I will call the boss of Chrystal surf so he can tell his staff he has given you permission to get a surf board and to pay it out of your companies brand. If your wondering what the brand is then, the ill text you it with all the information. I should be done calling and gathering information in about...15 minutes."

"Okay thank you for everything."

"No worries and text you in 15 minutes."

"Okay bye." I hang up and put my phone down, I looked up to find 4 boys staring at me. "What?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well tell us who you were talking to and why you were talking to the and..." I put my hand on Michaels mouth to shut him up.

"I get I get okay, I'll tell you." I uncovered his mouth and looked at my hand, I had all his drool on it, "Ewww gross Mikey why did you drool on my hand?" I wiped my hand on Ashton's shoulder.

"Eww don't put it on me!" Ashton yelped while jumping up in his seat to get out of my reach.

"Fine be that way." I gave up and turned to Calum and grinned. I started to wipe my hand on his shirt and face while he was squirming to get out of my reach. I was having a laughing fit but I didn't want to lose so I squished him into the door and wiped it all on him until my hand was dry. I slid across back to my seat and turned to Ashton, he was laughing but looked up to me and gave me a high five. I looked to the front of the car and Luke was trying to drive while he was laughing at Michael as he had a red face of embarrassment and laughter. The rest of the ride we were talking about how I got to have a photo shoot, why I had to go to the surf shop, songs, pizza and our favourite super hero's of course mine was Spider-Man but Luke's was Batman, Calum's was captain America, Ashton's was Robin Hood and Michael was with me on Spider-mans side. We had arrived at the surf shop and I was the first one to get out I looked behind me and Luke was on the floor laughing because Michael Ashton and Calum we're tackling on the ground to see who would get to the door first at least that's what I think their doing. Luke and I face palmed our selves at the same time shaking our head, we walked into the store leaving the boys outside.


Charlie and Luke got out of the car and I turned around to look at Ashton and Calum, they were both staring at her as she was going past Ashton. They shook their heads and turned to look at me, "hahaha you have a crush." I pointed to both of them while singing that to them, they started to blush. They turned to look at each other and their face fell, they turned back to look at me as they just found out what I was going to do. I took my seat belt off and jumped out of the car, I was running to Charlie until I felt 2 bodies push me to the ground. "Ouch." I turned around to see Ashton and Calum, they were tackling me so I wouldn't tell Charlie about their secret. Calum had one of his hands over my mouth while his other hand was holding my right arm down, Ashton had his body over my legs with one of his hands holding my left arm down. I saw Luke watching us and falling to the ground laughing, I tried yelling Charlie's name but it came out a bit muffly (first word that came to my head).


I stepped into the surf shop and it was breathtaking, I've been to many surf shops before but this is the best. I've also been to the other Chrystal surf shops but this has to be the biggest and the best. There was a whole area for surfing, body boarding and scuba diving the other was clothing,skate boarding, essentials/accessories and more. I saw a staff member, he had a black sleevless shirt on, the one you could see their muscles on the side with, on with some boardies and one of those neck tag things that have the Chrystal surf card down the bottom (don't know what it's called, hope you know what I mean). He was tan and he had brown hair brought up sought a like Luke's, I've gotta say he looks hot.

"Hi there do you need a hand with anything?" He asked I looked at his name tag it said 'Alex'.

"Well yes uh Alex is it?"

"Yes it is."

"My personal assistant/boss called your boss to say that I was getting a surf board here and I was going to pay it through my company here." I showed him the message that Dan sent me with the companies name and the information.

"Okay yep that's alright, do you need any help looking for your types of surf boards or are you alright looking around?"

"I'll be alright thanks." I walked off to the surfboard area with Luke behind me. He went off to the shoes and hats, I'm looking for a blue surf hoard about medium size not to long but not to small either. "Ah this is where they are." I mumbled and pointing to the shelf with the right sized boards. I turned around the corner but bumped into someone, "Sorry." I looked up to see Calum, "Oh you decided to join us after the floor incident." I giggled while walking to the boards.

"Yeah I see you and Luke enjoyed that." he rubbed his neck following me.

"Yeah it was entertaing." I looked through the colours to find a blue.

"They're cool boards, why don't you get a long board?"

"Calum do you know anything about surfing or even the boards may I asks?"

"Actually I...don't, but you could teach me." he said making puppy dog eyes.

"Wow you make probably the cutest and best puppy dog eyes every, and wow you've got a squishy face." I squished his cheeks together making him look like a fish.

"Yeah people say." He blushed.

"We'll I'm going to get this board do you like?"

"Yeh that is awesome, great colour."

"Yeah it's my favourite colour, blue."I started to walk my way out of the surfboard area and on the way I grabbed a leg rope and some wax. I turned the corner and looked up, I froze. Why is he here? I thought I'd never see him again. He better not come near me after what he did to me.

"We'll long time no see as they say, Charlie." He walked closer to me as I walked back. I came to a wall and he was still walking closer to me. I could feel his chest against my body now, his breath was hitting my neck. "You thought you could lose me didn't you."


To everyone who is reading this book thank you, even though this book keeps on messing up and parts of bad punctuation. Hope your liking it XD


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