Days Together


3. Chapter 2

Once they ended the video I got straight to writing about why I wanted to see them so bad. I clicked on the comments box and started writing.

Hey One direction, I am writing to tell you why I want to see you all in person. My life hasn't been as good as everybody else's. I've be getting bullied by a lot of people at school and they are starting to push me to my limit. I almost hit one the other day. When ever I feel upset or down I always listen to your songs and it changes my mood instantly. But anyways, I really want to meet you all because you guys are my inspiration and I've even started singing covers of your songs. My favourite song so far is Drag Me Down. No one has ever heard me sing before but I think I am going to keep it that way for a while. So that is why I want to meet the best boy band in the world.

Yours truly, Maddie Edge.

When I finished my comment, I posted it and closed my laptop. I took of my headphones and I could hear a boy's voice coming from down stairs. I raised my eyebrow then got up off the bed looking at my brown, long hair in the mirror before slowly walking down the stairs. Ally was sitting on the couch with her boyfriend Luke. I didn't really like Luke, just because he was Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer doesn't mean he has to be so stuck up. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen and started making some toast. Luke walked up behind me a put his hands on my shoulders.

"BOO!" He yelled. I jumped and turned to see him standing there. I pushed his shoulder and turned back around to push down the toast in the silver toaster.

"Hello to you to" Luke said rolling his eyes. I didn't answer him and walked to the fridge to get out the butter. "Come on Maddie. Don't be so rude," he spoke. I could almost feel his grin on his face when he said that.

"Hi." I mumbled walking back to the table placing down the butter and going back to the cupboard to get some vegemite. I walked back to the table shoving Luke out of the way.

He stumbled back a bit and then looked at Ally. "Hey babe, come tell Mads not to be so rude to me."

I turned around and shoot him a death glair. "Don't call me Mads ever again got it!" I almost screamed.

"Hey Maddie calm down he was only joking around with you." I heard Ally say as I turned around to finish making myself some toast. "The rest of the boys are coming for dinner if that's ok?" She asked.

"Whatever. I'm going to my room." I mumbled grabbing my plate and walking up the stairs. I love my sister I really do but sometimes she pisses me off.

I sat down on my bed and started watching Teen Wolf. I took a bite of the Vegemite toast and swallowed. I started coughing because I almost chocked on it but I soon recovered from the deadly bite. I was thinking about what it would be like meeting up with the boys but then I felt my heart sink. Then I realised that so many other girls have commented on the video and could get to see them.

*Later that Night*

Ally's P.O.V

Luke and I were sitting on the couch cuddling and watching Teen wolf when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and gave Luke a quick kiss then walked to the door.

As I opened it I saw three scruffy faces. Michael, Ashton and Calum all came in each of them hugging me as they entered the house. I turned around and saw them all doing their hand shake with Luke then they sat down. I walked into the kitchen and started making dinner for us all, I was making some potato bake because I knew that that was their favourite.

Luke's P.O.V

The boys wanted to watch a movie before dinner so I put on Hunger Games for them. I got up and told Ashton I would be back in a minute and moved towards the kitchen to where Ally was cooking. I could see her standing there in her black, ripped, skinny jeans and an over sized black jumper cooking for the guys and I. I wrapped my arms around her as she jumped because I scared her.

"Hey beautiful. I don't think Maddie likes me very much. I feel like somehow I have done something wrong to hurt her" I whispered sadly into her ear. She turned around in my arms and put her hands around my neck.

"Don't worry babe. She's just going through a rough time right now. You guys will become friends one day trust me, alright?" She said placing a kiss on my lips.

"I just hope she is alright and of course I'll trust you babe" I whispered kissing her cheek then pulling her into a tight hug. 


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