The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


16. Apologies?


Mali's POV:  

I woke up due to the sun shining in my face.  

" Ugh can't you not sun," I said.  

I checked my clock and saw that it was already 3:00 pm.  

" Shit," I said jumping out of bed, grabbing my towel and running to the bathroom attached to my room.  

By the time I got done showering it was already 4:00 pm. I checked my phone and saw a text message from Manny. It said "Wear something fancy."  

I ran to my closet and looked for something fancy. After about 20 minutes of looking, I found the dress that I got yesterday for my birthday. I put it on along with the matching high heels. Then I did my hair and makeup. By the time I was done doing my hair and makeup, it was 5:30 pm. I went downstairs and saw Luke and Aleisha.  

" Ugh," I scoffed.  

" What are you doing here?" Aleisha asked.  

" I live here. Why are you here?" I harshly asked Aleisha.  

" She's here to apologize to you," Luke said before Aleisha got to answer.  

" Ok go ahead. Apologize," I smirked.  

" Urgh. Fine. Mali I'm sorry for slapping you," she said.  

" And," I said.  

" And what I didn't even do anything else other than that to you," she said.  

" Hm lemme see. You've been acting like a bitch to me ever since I got here. Even on my birthday yesterday," I said and she rolled her eyes.  

" And I'm sorry for acting like a bitch to you ever since you got here and even on your birthday," she said.  

" Hm. I forgive you, but you have one last chance to prove to me that you aren't using Luke," I said.  

" I'm not!" she yelled.  

" Oh really," I smirked pulling out my phone. I looked through my messages remembering that video that Caro, Ash and Mike sent me of the fight yesterday. I clicked on it and just as I was about to send it to Luke, the door bell rang.  

I walked to the door and answered it to see Manny standing there wearing a suit with jeans and really nice sneakers. In his hand was a rose.  

" Hi," I said.  

" Hey. You look really, really," he stuttered and I giggled at his cuteness.  

" Thanks. You don't look to bad yourself," I said.  

" Thanks. Um here, this is for you," he said handing me the rose.  

" Aw thanks. Come in," I said letting him in.  

" We can leave in a minute. I just need to do something," I said.   

" Ok," he said.  

" Look Aleisha. I'm sorry to for slapping you, but you better treat me and everyone else with respect, ok?" I said.  

" Ok," she said giving me a fake smile. I could tell she was lying but I don't have time to argue with her. I took Manny's hand and my keys. Before I closed the door I asked Luke if Calum was here and he said yes.  

" Calum I'm leaving and won't be back until 10 or 11!" I yelled.  

" Ok be safe. I love you!" he yelled.   

" I love you to! Bye!" I yelled before closing the door and heading to Manny's rental car.

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