Q and A

Yay!!!! It's my question and answer story


2. First questions

 I think you are awesome and kewl (btw kewl means someone funny in Swedish)

Only a little bit

You can cry underwater but make sure it's salt water or you will end up contaminated the water

WWell I think that if people like them then it's a assassination....so on a scale of 1-10 they have to be at least a 6

Because your thoughts are stupid and no one would pay for them but you demand money so they give you a penny.....when you throw your two cents in it really means your playing poker and only put two pennies in....so your extra penny is going towards your gambling obsession 

No God sets you up REAL nice...like silk with golden thread or something...I don't know for sure because  I've never been to heaven 

Because pizza is actually shaped like a square but the pizza deliver guys take pizza off because they think you would like it to be shaped like a circle because circles make people happy

ham had Salmonella but the doctors cured it

We didn't actually put a man on the moon....It's all a government conspiracy 

Because those people have never experienced the horrors of having a baby...so they think babies are all like the ones in the Pampers diaper commercial

No they would just be a eye-witness because they couldn't hear anything 


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